Sometimes, the angry yelling people on the T are violent, too

UPDATE, Thursday: Transit Police report arresting Calvin White, 40, on two counts of assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Transit Police report your basic Red Line ranter went further than usual on Monday afternoon: He started cursing at a little girl, no more than 4, seated on the train, then assaulted a male rider who told him to stop just as the train was pulling into Park Street around 2:35 p.m.:

An MBTA official, who witnessed the assault, came over to assist and he too was assaulted by the unknown male.

If the guy looks familiar, contact Transit Police at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous tip to 873873.



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Okay, this BS video stuff has to stop

Seriously, the past five videos that MBTA PD has released, I could never figure out who the suspect was in the video until they did a still-shot at the end. Not to mention the aggravation we all have already when it comes to them not being able to export video directly.

I agree. At first I thought

I agree. At first I thought it was the guy in the middle, who looks freakishly like an ex of mine. The ex was cray-zeee, but not crazy enough to verbally attack a child.

MBTA should put a red circle around the person they're looking for.

Muslim headgear?

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You mean the white knit granny hat that looks vaguely, vaguely like some kind of turban generally seen in this country on Sikhs, who are not Muslim?

Keep your day job, ok?


The proper term for the "granny hat" you are referring to is Muslim headgear known as Taqiyah. Never seen a Sikh ranting like a loon since they are a peaceful people known for their innate ability for self control. Now study up on your Eastern religions and self righteous proclamations.

Date of last eye exam?

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Here's a little assignment. Google image "taqiyah." Then look again at the giant fluffy (I believe cable knit) hat that man is wearing and see if there is any resemblance at all beyond the fact that they are both, in fact, hats. And then if you really want to carry on about how people X are all peaceful and have "innate self-control" while people Y are all just crazy violent m*therf*ckers, please feel free.


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Hey, if you were just looking to get a quick dig in at the expense of Muslims, you should have just come out with it. I think people would at least respect the honesty.

Just ask Swirrly.....

She has a great eye for these things. She'll know exactly what it is, where it was made, and the last time she rode a bike there.....

Naw, Pete's got this

He doesn't necessarily know what the hell he's looking at, but he can always yell RESISTANCE IS FUTILE and insist that he's in charge if he doesn't think he likes it.

Long live the coyote

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IIRC, according to UHub Archives and/or Legend, her brother-in-law invented the coyote.
I think there should be a holiday for that.

When all your federal grants

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When all your federal grants go toward the latest and greatest bomb detection security theater, I guess there's no money left over for some software to mark up videos.

Saw him get off the train

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Saw him get off the train Monday at shawmut and walk towards the school right there he was being belligerent on my train car as well. Nice that people who go to work and have money taken out of their checks so this guy can get messed
Up all day have to put up with assholes like this on their ride home.

Worth telling MBTA police

Worth telling MBTA police about this. Maybe they could pick him up on those cameras too, and get a better picture, or at least add to what they know about him.


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Call the T Police please and tell them the day and time you saw this guy. I use Shawmut Station but I never saw this guy.

Did I miss something?

How did this move from an obnoxious and probably disturbed guy misbehaving on a train to a screed about public assistance? Seriously, how do you know he's getting messed up all day on the taxpayer's dime? I don't like putting up with loud, belligerent assholes on the T anymore than you do, but I think you're making some pretty big assumptions.

Or maybe I did miss something. In which case, sorry.

And he didn't pay his fare for the T, either!

He used the special Democrat Lowlife Public Service Subsidy that conservatives are firmly convinced exists. The same subsidy lets you buy steaks every evening with food stamps, gets you nice condos and a Cadillac with Section 8 housing, etc.

I find the fact that this guy

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freakin' AMBLED his way up two flights of stairs from the Red Line without anyone being able to stop him kind of amazing. I don't think we need a cop at every station but sheesh--Park Street? DTX? These are major hubs--where IS everyone?

Yea, because...

any normal person is going to feel comfortable stopping a potentially mentally disturbed person. And, if he freakin' STABBED someone who interfered with him, what would you be saying? Pull your head outta your ass, Sally. You know goddamn well you'd let him walk away too.

Deep breath, dude.

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Cops. I am talking about cops. Get it? I posted here last week about an incident at DTX during rush hour--it took life five minutes to even track down a T official, let alone a guy with a badge.

I exhaled.

"without anyone stopping him". Anyone refers to the police? I thought anyone meant any person or people? How can I get it if you don't even know what you're writing??

How? Context.

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I find the fact that this guy freakin' AMBLED his way up two flights of stairs from the Red Line without anyone being able to stop him kind of amazing. I don't think we need a cop at every station but sheesh--Park Street?

Bolded for emphasis. I took the meaning fine.

I do know what I'm writing.

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As did the guy who posted the photo of the police car. All I'm asking is that next time you maybe pause a moment before exploding and telling me to get my goddamned head out of my ass, maybe, you know, give someone the benefit of the doubt before you go off on them.

would it make it any more

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would it make it any more clear or easy to catch these guys if the video was directly uploaded from MBTA? I doubt it... if u know who that bum is u would know whether its a video of a video or just straight original uploaded footage... wish someone would have stopped him from the get go.. T misbehavior should not be tolerated in this city.


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I used the MBTA see say app for the first time this weekend when a creep with rose tattoos on his cheeks was verbally harassing women rides calling them stank and very horrible things. used app and they responded right away and said they were very familiar with him and would take care of it. I took video, which is posed here....

that guy

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FYI-he hangs in Roz Sq. beware him!

forest hills video

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are they going to show the attack on the transit officers at Forest Hills an inspector told me some crazy attacked a women and then the cops