Suspect turns Dracula when confronted by police


Updated with Transit Police info.

Transit Police report a Maine man suspected of attacking somebody at one of the entrances to the Chinatown Orange Line station around 7 p.m. went after arriving officers as well:

Officers approached the assailant, later identified as Reuben Thomas, 32 of Houlton, Maine, who was smoking from a cigarette and impeding the entrance to the station. Upon approach of the officers Thomas immediately became combative and hostile, he refused to comply with any request from the officers and undertook a fighting stance towards the them.

Officers attempted to remove Thomas from the entrance way and a violent struggle ensued during which Thomas bit one of the officers on his neck causing injury. Eventually officers were able to subdue Thomas and place him into custody.

The officer was taken to nearby Tufts Medical Center for observation; Thomas to Transit Police HQ for booking on a variety of assault-related charges.

It's the second day in a row a Transit cop was injured in a confrontation with a suspect.



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They have all those really great restaurants nearby, why did the person have to bite into a cop? Or was it the MSG doing the talking?

Twilight Novels Vs. Sad Reality

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And just a week or two ago people here were insisting that Chinatown Station was a safe place despite the creepy loitering mental cases and addicts.

Is it just me or does MA

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Is it just me or does MA/Boston have more mental people than other cities????

People that hang on the

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People that hang on the streets of Boston. Including the inner city areas are mental I was one of them until I got of the Alcohol and drugs we did are best to make sure out of towners did not enjoy there trip to Bosstown glàd those days are in the past.

We have more hospitals,

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We have more hospitals, shelters, treatment centers, and generous welfare programs. So people come here for help from longer distances than most states or regions.

St. Francis House is right there

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That whole block tends to be a hangout for a wide range of homeless/addicted/mentally ill. Crummy little park across the's just always been pretty iffy. It feels like the last sliver of combat zone.

Are you serious? LA, NYC and

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Are you serious? LA, NYC and Chicago all have a homeless population between 50 and 60 thousand people. Boston doesn't even come close. I imagine Boston has one of the lowest numbers of homeless/insane people on the streets next to cities like Baltimore, Philly, DC, Indianapolis, Detroit, and definitely places like SF and San Diego. What cities have you visited and what are you comparing Boston to?

The T has

to come up with a Crazy Charlie Card for the multitude of loons that ride and show up in transit police reports daily.