Person beaten, kicked during unsuccessful phone robbery in Dorchester

Boston Police report arresting one of the four teens they say proved unable to rob somebody's phone despite getting him down on the ground and punching and kicking him repeatedly last night at Talbot Avenue and Kerwin Street.

Police say the victim was waiting for a bus when a teen grabbed his phone out of his hand:

The victim reported he grabbed onto the suspect and began wrestling with him in attempt to retrieve his phone. The victim stated when they both fell to the ground, three other males appeared and began kicking and punching the victim. The primary suspect managed to break free and run away, and the three males followed him. The victim gave a description of the primary suspect and stated he may have torn the suspect’s coat during the altercation.

Police say the victim had visible bruises on his face, but declined medical attention.

Not long after, police say, officers found two teens about a half mile away, at Norfolk and Wentworth - one wearing a torn coat.

That teen, 16 and so too young to have his name released, was charged with unarmed robbery. The other teen, an 18-year-old from Roslindale was also arrested, on an outstanding warrant for trespassing.

A clerk in Dorchester Municipal Court set bail at $250, but the clerk revoked his earlier bail on other, outstanding larceny and B&E charges, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.



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    Can we stop

    By on

    this "too young to have his name released" BS once and for all? After all, we're talking about a 16 year old who's charged with unarmed robbery - not a five year old caught stealing penny candy from the corner store.

    Serious question....

    Why do you even care whether or not the name is released? Why does it anger people so much? Or is it the same person always complaining....

    perhaps if his neighbors know "Joe Blow" is a thief

    they can give Mr. Blow a wide berth. Also, the concept of someone old enough to impregnate his girlfriend being treated like one of the little kids on Sesame Street is ridiculous. Yeah, that damage to his reputation will haunt him when he applies to Stanford. Please.

    Hurry Tito

    By on

    We need that Commission, only you can save Dorchester!