DA: Dorchester man keeps getting arrested on illegal-weapons charges

A man was arrested yesterday after, police say, an officer found a gun in his waistband.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, this was Wesner Theodore's fifth gun-related arrest in his 26 years:

Two of the prior four led to convictions in 2009 and 2012 after Suffolk prosecutors indicted and prosecuted him in Suffolk Superior Court. One, involving Wesner’s arrest in a car with another gang member under whose seat the gun was found, was terminated after the evidence showed the co-defendant possessed the firearm (and in fact left a fingerprint on it, leading to a state prison sentence); the second was terminated after Boston Municipal Court Judge Raymond Dougan Jr. ordered prosecutors to reveal personal information about a civilian witness to Wesner, which prosecutors believed would have put the civilian witness in physical danger.

Police say Youth Violence Strike Force officers were on patrol on Castlegate Road yesterday when they spotted a car parked illegally:

Upon approaching the car, officers detected a strong odor believed to be marijuana. While talking to the individuals inside the car, officers noticed that the individual located in the back seat of the vehicle appeared to be especially nervous given his refusal to make eye contact with the officers and the fact that his breathing appeared to be accelerated. As officers continued speaking to the individuals, officers observed in plain sight several plastic bags of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. Given the packaging of the illegal drug, officers asked the individuals to exit the vehicle. Once outside the car, the suspects were frisked for weapons. During the frisk of one of the suspects, officers felt what appeared to be the grip of a handgun in the suspect's waistband.



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I have absolutely no doubt

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I have absolutely no doubt there will be an opportunity to be charged a 6th time.

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Hammurabi Time?

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I'm thinking that we implement Mesopotamian justice here: If every time this guy got busted with a gun we cut off one finger, the general public would be safe by now.

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It is about time we replace

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It is about time we replace Dan Conley as District Attorney. We need someone like Michael Flaherty to run against him.

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I'm going to call for an execution here

Not for the scumbag with the gun, but for the judge.

When Dan Conley files a daily (yes, daily) motion asking you to recuse yourself, maybe you should just take the hint that you suck at your job and should quit.

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