Geneva Avenue market held up at gunpoint

Around 9:20 p.m., Geneva Grocery, 385 Geneva Ave., was held up by a man with a gun. He was described as 5'10", thin and possibly Cape Verdean. He wore a black jacket, a gray hoodie and a yellow ski mask.



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this area is surprisingly

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this area is surprisingly quite though. this is a Boston "hood" and if you compare it to other hoods Boston still doesnt have much action. Boston considers a couple murders bad but there are cities who have constant hoods getting action in unlike Boston.....oakland,baltimore,chicago,indinapolis memphis etc etc

Im originally from west

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Im originally from west baltimore (Ashburton) and have been living on corona street for three years. This area is actually pretty bad. Shooting arent as frequent, but still frequent enough. Im actually trying to get my grandmother to move out of here.

You must have a zero life you

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You must have a zero life you get beat up out here or something? Picked on as a kid? Not accepted by the neighborhood kids? You sound like a punk.

Same comment every single time.

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And you always sounds so disappointed. Why don't you go live in one of those terrific cities you're always going on about so you can get more "action?" We sure as hell don't need any more here, thanks.

I was actually surprised that

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I was actually surprised that this corner store was held up. Despite the reputation dorchester has, this area is usually quiet.
There are probably a few apples trying to ruin it for the rest of us but overall I like this area and I hope over time there are more positive changes.


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Bowdoin/Geneva is quiet? Do you actually live there, or do you just like it in theory, from the comfort of your safe, expensive, mostly white town/neighborhood?

People that live between Park

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People that live between Park st and Shawmut station consider themselves in the Geneva neighborhood but are a far cry from it there is a big difference in the type of people that hang on the streets off Geneva up through and past Bowdoin.

Quiet? A cop was shot not

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Quiet? A cop was shot not that long ago over there fired back and killed dude in early afternoon I wouldnt say its quiet a lot of people I know left that area and wouldn't go back or they trying to leave.

Dorchester Geneva Ave.

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This is the one of the big drug sections of Dorchester. The police will not brake up this section because they will relocate to other areas of Boston like the Neponset area and you don't see that area on the news. The police put their light on when sitting in the police car to show that i'm hear! That just shows that the area is not safe! Come down this area and check out the the side street too day or night and see the what really happens, also lets put more police lights on and make a festival. Maybe the City of Boston has a rule to just show up sometimes and show we care about the People and children by just putting on the police lights and drive up and down the area.