Police seize five more guns, arrest five, including yet another Roslindale resident

Boston Police report two separate busts in Dorchester yesterday and early today yielded four handguns, a rifle and 15 bags of pot.

This is in addition to the four guns, bullets and bulletproof vest found in a Dorchester trash barrel yesterday.

According to police, a routine traffic stop around 1:30 a.m. at Carmen and Radcliffe streets in Dorchester ended up as a gun arrest.

Lino Cook, 22, of Dorchester, and Rickie Thompson, 29, of Mattapan, were arrested and a Bryco Arms 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a Beretta .22-caliber handgun seized, police say.

According to police, officers assigned to the Citywide Neighborhood Drug Control Unit and armed with a search unit busted into 47 Topliff St. in Dorchester around 7:10 p.m.

Police say they recovered a loaded Star Arms 9mm handgun, a loaded Beretta .380 handgun, a Ruger .22-caliber long rifle and 15 plastic bags of marijuana.

Arrested: James Edwards, 23, of Dorchester, Jesus Gonzalez, 23, of Dorchester and Jesor Brown, 19, of Roslindale.

Brown is the latest in a recent string of Roslindale residents to be connected with guns or gun violence this year: On Jan. 9, a Roslindale teen was shot to death on Rowe Street. On Feb. 19, a man was shot on Hyde Park Ave. On Feb. 24, a Roslindale teen was arrested after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at a Boston cop in Ashmont. On March 4, a Roslindale teen was charged with firing a gun several times on Mission Hill.

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They didn't seize a rifle.

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They didn't seize a rifle. .22LR (Long rifle), is the caliber of a round one of the pistols fires.

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Who writes these police reports?

You're right. There is no rifle in the photo at all. Looks like they are referring to what appears to be a Ruger Mark III. Is the barrel stamped 22LR or 22 Long Rifle on these pistols? I've used one, but it was a while back.

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