Teller asks would-be bank robber to remove his hood and he does

The FBI reports a hooded man walked into the Eastern Bank branch at 470 W. Broadway in South Boston last Thursday with robbery on his mind.

But then the teller asked him to take his hood down. And he did. And then he ran out, the FBI says.

Still, that's good enough for an attempted-robbery charge if found, so the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force is now looking for him.

If you see him, Special Agent Darwin Suelen would love to hear from you, at 617-223-6166.

Ed. note: We're not bank-robbery experts or anything, but he sure looks like the guy who robbed the same bank in February.



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Couldn't even change his shirt

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I don't know why I feel bad for this poor dope, but I do. Stupid + drugs is kind of what prisons are for, but seeing him lumber down his dead end is just sad.

Stupid + Drugs

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Are what social services and detox are for.

Prisons just amplify the problem.


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But Marge...we need money for more drugs, I'll just rob a bank! Doi!

Takes brains

Favorite quote from a cop I know:

"In spite of the cutbacks at NASA having put people out of work, you'll find that very few low-level criminals are actually rocket scientists."