West Roxbury death under investigation

Update: Death ruled a murder.

Boston Police report officers dispatched to 105 Perham St. to check on the condition of a man who lived there around 8:25 a.m. found the man dead.




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"This seven room colonial,

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"This seven room colonial, set on a 5500 sq. ft. lot, is located in one of West Roxbury's finest neighborhoods. Sunlight streams throughout the fire-placed living room and formal dining room". Not that its a bad house, but for some reason it seems like house there would be a murder. No idea why it seems like that to me.. Maybe its the basement? Amityville looking.

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Perham is probably one of the nicest residential streets in Boston. Its a quite tree lined street with almost no traffic.

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word is

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word is that BPD were called for a well being check on a man

no answer at the front door so they used a ladder to get to the second floor

The word 'horrendous' was uses to describe the scene.

The son (adult I assume) was found in the house and was then taken away in a cruiser

Early word is that it is an 'unintended death'

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how can an accidental death

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how can an accidental death in a house in a nice neighborhood be "horrendous"? was he cleaning his shotgun barrel and a round went off in his eye??

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On how long the poor guy had been dead.

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Sounds like

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"A rose for Emily"- Faulkner. A great American sonnet, I can't believe I remembered that...

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There's 15 homicides you have

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There's 15 homicides you have 13 you really need to add those if they are 15 per BPD you have to add it people need the correct info

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