Man stabbed on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain

Around 4:05 p.m., a man was stabbed in the park at Centre and Mozart streets, possibly by one of three men seen chasing him out of Rizzo's Pizza on Centre.

The victim managed to get himself to the VA Hospital on South Huntington.



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VA Hospital on Centre Street

VA Hospital on Centre Street

? The JP VA is on S Huntington & Heath. The West Roxbury VA is on VFW Pkwy.

Also, urgent care is closed at 4:00pm, and they don't care if you're dying at 4:05pm, they'll turn you away. Better off not getting yourself to the VA.



They would call an ambulance and provide what care that they could. When it comes to crude trauma, mammals are mammals, oxygen is oxygen, stopping bleeding is stopping bleeding, etc.

My neighbor used to work there - she has stories.



Please take a joke, right after you down a chill pill.

Some guy thought he was having a heart attack at 4:05pm and they told him something about being closed. The travel department called an ambulance for him.


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Hasn't Mozart street been completely gentrified by now?


No, actually...

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It'd be nice if we find some kind of middle ground between $700k condos and gang members shooting each other.


There's still the Mozart st

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There's still the Mozart st gang. I used to live there and there would always be young black kids hanging on the stoop all day at a few houses down by the end of the block. That area has a bunch of white college kids but it's still separated by the train tracks pretty much, and once you cross Columbus it turns into roxbury