Woman robbed at knifepoint in Roslindale Square parking lot

Shortly after 9 p.m. on Thursday in the parking lot of the Citizens Bank branch at 777 South St. Robber got away with a pocketbook and a white iPhone in a yellow Vera Bradley case.



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heads up neighbors

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It's going to be a long summer. Hopefully neighbors will step up when something like this happens again. A robbery in the square should not go unchecked. Time for the cruiser to come out of the mbta lot and make the rounds.

No close neighbors

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If it was right behind the bank, there aren't any neighbors that close really. I'm glad the victim was unhurt.

Is there more crime in Roslindale this year or does it just seem like it? It's sad how easily inured you get in the city, even in the 'nice' parts, to the slow steady stream of reports of muggings, stabbings, etc... along with the occasional murder.

someone gets mugged

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around the square maybe once a year...

there's drug-dealing going on in the neighborhood - mostly along hyde park ave (and a few side-streets), but you do sometimes see deals/exchanges go down closer to the square - I was at the farmer's market last year and watched an exchange happen just outside the park on that narrow sidewalk on poplar street - right in front of the kids activity.

What I do is whenever I see a sketchy-looking person walking around with a piece of paper with an address I ask them if they need help, and then follow them a little bit (especially back in my neighborhood) - if they're up to something they usually get spooked and hop on the bus. Probably not the smartest thing to do - and of course I'm profiling, but I'm getting tired of seeing this crap in our neighborhood - and i

IMO - cops should increase foot patrols in the square - sitting around in a squad car doesn't do any good.

there has always been dealing

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There has always been dealing in and around the square - and in the arbs- if you see something, call it in. With Rozzie square having so much foot traffic, the police should have a more visible presence and the Main Streets Organization should demand it. If they want the square to be seen as a shopping destination, they need to work with the police to ensure a safe area. While they are at it - how about addressing the constant mess outside of the dollar store - there is a steady stream of trash outside that place every day. Stinks that people who shop there have no respect for their neighborhood.

Rob Consalvo didn't do SHIT for rozzie in the

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decade or so he was in office. Roslindale is the ONLY area in the city which does not have a Police Station, High School, Youth Sports and many other things that come standard in other areas of the city.

Rob Consalvo did A LOT for Roslindale

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How is your newly renovated Flaherty Pool? or Community Center? or the improvements to Fallon Field? Never mind all of the small constituent service issues that often go unnoticed. All Rob Consalvo.

Your in the wrong square

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There is no police station because there is one .5 miles away. There was a high school, but it is now housing for elderly (and maintained very well). If you go to Healy field you will see flag football every weekend during the fall. The community center is beautiful and has tons of activities for kids, teens and adults. I have lived in Roslindale for 19 years. Are you sure you live in the sames square that I do?