Gunfire on Dot Ave. puts Boys and Girls Club in lockdown

Police responded to the parking lot at 1141 Dorchester Ave. shortly before 4 p.m. after several shots were fired. About 15 minutes later, a gunshot victim showed up at Boston Medical Center, where he arrived in the same sort of vehicle seen fleeing the shooting site.

The Boys and Girls Club on Deer Street locked its doors until police gave the all clear.



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    It is always sad to see brazen broad day shootings like this. Things have been quiet for awhile and lets hope that trend continues.


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    That's only a few blocks away from mayor's house. That stretch of dot ave has always been rather seedy, hope he finally does something about it.


    Really? I see filled up storefronts, a mixed ethnic stew of local stores along with that completely out of place drug store, some auto service buildings, light industrial uses, and rising home prices.

    I guess by seedy you must mean a working/lower middle class neighborhood. Can't be all Hermes you snob.


    The area is on the up and up.

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    The area is on the up and up. There are much seedier parts of Dorchester. Van Shabu across the street is a personal favorite of mine for their awesome hot pot.

    Does anyone know what was going on around 6:15 or so? I drove over past Edward Everett square, dozens of cops. Over by South Bay plaza, even more police vehicles. It was kind of shocking. Then there were 3 copters flying around...

    I haven't seen anything explaining it yet.

    Firefighter procession

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    From medical examiner's office to a funeral home on Centre Street in West Roxbury, went down Mass. Ave. to Columbia to Franklin Park to the Arborway to Centre. Was originally supposed to start at 6, started more like 7, and the entire route was lined by police and firefighters.

    Thanks, that makes sense. I

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    Thanks, that makes sense. I didn't know they were coming through this area. It's always a bit unsettling to see THAT many police in your neighborhood.

    It has been seedy, anon is right

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    Anon said it's always kinda seedy. He's right. I love Van Shabu but the fact is that stretch on either side of Freeport is zoned fairly industrial, has no views, and is as far as you can get from a T stop on Dot Ave.

    The Vietnamese are commercializing a fair amount of it, and more power to them, but I'll eat my hat if that particular area area ever up and comes. there's no there there.

    Signed lile-long resident hoping it happens,

    not a hater

    I think that point was that

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    I think that point was that industrial doesn't necessarily equal seedy in some people minds.

    It's all active businesses. If it were abandoned and nasty, that would be different.

    Would I want to buy a house right there? No. But a few streets back,it's fine.

    Dot Ave

    Its a good neighborhood, I used to live there. The triple deckers and shops along the avenue don't show it off it its advantage. Living on a main street is very loud. The real estate on the side streets are rising in value, but there are still a few affordable rentals. I had a big place with two huge closets for $850 with heat and electric included. and the mice were also free. But it was the street noise that was killing me. Pleasant street has lovely big trees and the Filene's mansion.

    Extremely seedy

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    Compared to the Columbia Rd to Savin Hill Ave stretch.

    There are some nice places in

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    There are some nice places in the area; Van Shabu, Dbar, Shanti, Harp & Bard.
    Two Sundays ago I did see a woman walking that area, in socks, wearing a neon pink cowboy hat, screaming "I am a f'n Native American, so fu". So ya, seedy it is... Then again, what area of Dot ave isn't seedy at times?


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    Rent-a-center, dollar store, shady electronics shops fencing stolen laptops and cell phones, empty run-down industrial buildings and a whole lot of section 8 triple-deckers with young able-bodied residents hanging out on the porch 24/7. Savin hill is great overall, but that part of Dot Ave needs a whole lot of improvement to shed the ghetto image.