Man shot to death on Mission Hill

Around 11:45 a.m. at 17 Smith St. in the Mission Main development.

Boston Police report the victim was shot multiple times.

A possible suspect is a man spotted jumping into an older gold Chrysler four-door on McGreevey Way.

The nearby Tobin School was put into "safe mode."




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Smith Street

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Is the bricks.....


More like

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What would normally be $500K+ townhomes, paid for by our taxes.


all I know is

that Ed and John Fish made their money there and split and now Arthur Winn's company manages it. (He got indicted and copped to illegal contributions to Steve Lynch, Mike Capuano and Diane Wilkerson.) Those "Hope VI" projects like this one were a bonanza for developers, not sure it's as much fun handling the day to day operation.

It's the projects bruh.

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It's the projects bruh. Specifically the Mission Main projects. Mission Hill has two project developments. Mission Main and Alice Taylor projects.


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This person is saying that Smith St is home to the projects of Mission Hill. A long time ago they were actual brick buildings but now are townhouses but still does not change the fact that it is low income housing with gang related activity.


bricks =

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The Projects

I assume flags will be flown

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I assume flags will be flown at half mast and a scholarship fund will be set up for this victim....


The Tobin School was put into

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The Tobin School was put into "safe mode"...what is it, a Windows PC? This is both humorous to me and tragic. It's sad we no longer think of our schools as automatically safe (though statistically, they still very much are).

Less severe than lockdown, I guess

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In a lockdown, students and teachers have to stay in their rooms; in "safe mode," they do what they normally do, except nobody's allowed in or out of the school.


Its funny how people keep

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Its funny how people keep judging and talking crap just because roxbury and the surrounding neighborhoods have been in the spotlight for years because of the violence etc.....but tend to forget that its just as bad behind close doors from southie to cambridge to any other part of the city perverts rapist druggies etc....bottom line a life was lost a son father brother a human being regardless of where the heck they are from people tend to forget that a life was taken noone deserves to die like that

I can't believe all this be I

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I can't believe all this be I'm reading I hope and pray all these comments were made by ignorant no home training children... Does not matter if u did not know him he was a father to three kids a husband and wonderful person who always tried to make everyone smile..why is it that he is the one targeted wit all these crazy comments why not the cold hearted son of a who killed him in such a cruel way r they OK wit what they did.. U all sound ridiculous and need some mental therapy hope u all seek it..

I was born and raise in the

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I was born and raise in the projects-Mission Hill now known as Mission Main. That gangster who was murdered on Smith St was my older brother. He was a father to his children, a husband to his wife, a son to his mother and a brother to his sisters (me). It doesn't matter if Mission Main is for low income family or not. Mission Main is now known to have a lot of college student living there. At the end of it all no one deserve to die this way. Just think of it like if it was ur family member. Let's just hope justice is serve or else that gangster who shot my brother might just shoot ur siblings someday.