Police: Failed Southie home invader caught flatfooted after jumping from second-story window

Capt John Greland at C-6 reports his officers arrested a Malden man around 9:15 a.m. on Saturday after he tried to force his way into an apartment at 325 E. 8 St..

Greland reports that when the man, reportedly holding wire between his hands like a garrote, proved unable to bust his way into the second-floor apartment, he jumped out a window, breaking both his feet when he hit the ground, which made him somewhat easy to catch.



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    Doesn't sound random

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    I guy from Malden is breaking into an apartment on a Saturday at 9:15am? There has to be something more to this story. I'm guessing he knew the people in the apt.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie

    Not of a random nature

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    Great quote from the Malden Advocate newspaper about another recent crime story. "Police were able to quickly determine that the act was not of a random nature." Think that may apply here too.

    Click on the link to the address...

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    The map of Southie comes up, but the street view looks like somewhere I'd NEVER want to be. Reminds me of that creepy show True Detective. No thanks. I'd take Southie all day, every day over that place. Even when we're fighting each other over parking spot entitlements.

    At least you'd be safe and warm and dry...

    and not here:

    I WAS BACK IN SOUTHIE, "THE BEST PLACE IN THE world," as Ma used to say before the kids died. That's what we call them now, "the kids." Even when we want to say their names, we sometimes get confused about who's dead and who's alive in my family. After so many deaths, Ma just started to call my four brothers "the kids" when we talked about going to see them at the cemetery. But I don't go anymore. They're not at the cemetery; I never could find them there.

    I passed by the outskirts of Old Colony, and it all came back to me—the kids were joined in my mind by so many others I'd last seen in caskets at Jackie O'Brien's Funeral Parlor. They were all here now, all of my neighbors and friends who had died young from violence, drugs, and from the other deadly things we'd been taught didn't happen in Southie.

    We thought we were in the best place in the world in this neighborhood, in the all-Irish housing projects where everyone claimed to be Irish even if his name was Spinnoli. We were proud to be from here, as proud as we were to be Irish. We didn't want to own the problems that took the lives of my brothers and of so many others like them: poverty, crime, drugs—those were black things that happened in the ghettos of Roxbury. Southie was Boston's proud Irish neighborhood.

    Read it:
    All Souls
    A Family Story From Southie

    Good Will Nothing

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    It's pretty funny (and sad) that there is a small % of townies that actually think yuppies moved to South Boston because of a Hollywood movie. Yuppies loved a Bronx Tale but didn't move there.

    Yuppies moved to South Boston for two reason and two reasons only: It was close to high paying jobs and was relatively affordable. If you took South Boston exactly as it was and moved it only 10 miles down the shore Yuppies wouldn't even know where South Boston was.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie