Police looking for shooter and victim in car-to-car gunfire

Somebody in one car opened fire on somebody in another car around 4:45 p.m. at Walnut Avenue and Circuit Street in Roxbury.

The shooter, who stood up through the sunroof of his car, succeeded in blowing out the windshield and passenger-side window of the victim's car. Both victim and shooter sped away.

The car that was shot at is a silver Volvo S40 sedan, possibly a 2002 or 2003. It's also missing the windshield and a window. The shooter's car was described as a gold sedan.



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I just drove by coming down

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I just drove by coming down Rockland and the police have Walnut taped off from Rockland to just before Dale St. There was also an officer walking a drug dog in the intersection in front of the Lewis School. There are about 5 cruisers there.

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Straight out of

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Straight out of #kingOfNewYork..#CristopherWalken

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This is why many people don't

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This is why many people don't have a positive outlook on the future of the Dudley Square area. Massive reinvestment means nothing if gangs and drug dealers are still passing through with their mayhem.

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what has become of thee?

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