Bloody day along the Red Line: Gunfire and a stabbing at Ashmont station

Transit Police are investigating an incident at the Ashmont Red Line station that included both gunfire and a person stabbed to the chest around 9 p.m. Brian D'Amico Brian D'Amico reports.

Police initially responded to Ashmont on reports of gunfire at the Mattapan trolley platform, but not long after, somebody walked into Carney Hospital with a stab wound to the chest.

Police shut the Mattapan line for the investigation; the T substituted buses for trolley service.

The violence came barely five hours after somebody was shot in the tunnel under the Fields Corner T stop.



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This maybe why people overseas warn people away from the red line areas.

Strange, I don't remember any

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Strange, I don't remember any foreign governments warning anyone away from Cambridge. Must of missed that one somehow. Oh wait...

Sadly, those folks in the French & Japanese consulates seem to be primarily afraid of the skin color of some of the local residents in the areas they've warned their people away from rather than the the color of the T line.

Oh please.

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You think they drive around and check people's skin color? They're going on violent crime stats--period.

Are you really that naive?

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Are you really that naive? Please tell me that you're not. Actually, please tell me that you ARE because otherwise, you know that you're being ridiculous and are just choosing to ignore facts instead of dealing with the realities.

Statistically speaking, tourists/foreigners are safer in most of Dorchester are safer than in many parts of Chinatown or the Theater District. There is a large amount of crime that happens in other areas of the city, some of which targets tourists and students in particular (Allston/Brighton, Theater district, Chinatown, etc), that are in areas that the consulate doesn't warn their citizens away from. Take a guess as to why.

Don't believe me? Then check out the actual statistics from the BPD comparing this year to last year:

So you still want to say that all's fair when these consulates compare reality to perception? Didn't think so...

Ah, yes, good-old race

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Ah, yes, good-old race baiting. You know what, though? Even if they were looking at race stats, they'd probably reach the same conclusions and advice staying away from the same areas--because those areas are where the violent crime is concentrated. To ignore these facts in the name of being PC is, well, ignorant.

He's far too wrapped up in

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He's far too wrapped up in his outdated union mess and giving bank robbers raises...

He is very old fashioned in a

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He is very old fashioned in a new America. I feel like he wants to make boston a blue collar hard working factory mans town. Sorry Marty, this isn't Detroit..

Plain clothes detectives were

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Plain clothes detectives were at Ashmont around 3pm yesterday which is prime time for students. Figured they expected something to happen particularly after the events at mission hill. Having shootings become part of the daily commute is not acceptable but it sounds like we are headed in that direction.

Just want to say that police put their lives on the line every day. They deal with the shit of society and with people who are usually at their worst. They don't get the hero worship firemen get and their job can be twice as hard. The work comes home with them as seen in the number of divorces, suicides etc.

Good comment. I live in the

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Good comment. I live in the gray area of life and don't really like cops, but I respect what they do and the sacrifices they make in order to do it. Someone's gotta do it and it can't be easy, so kudos.

Safety Priorities

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Why is the state house protected by a phalanx of troopers ,rangers, court officers, personal bodyguards for the Governor etc and the subway system where crime is exploding protected by a handful of cops who are ordered to check my bags like a hotel bell boy.