Shooting at the Fields Corner T stop

Around 3:30 p.m. Suspects fled on Ditson and Josephine.



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How many shootings did we have over the past few days?

It warmed up and all the

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It warmed up and all the thugs are walking around again. I bet the cycle of violence for business, turf, and vengeance has something to do with it as well.


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How many shootings will it take before some thing is done? Do we need another dead 8 year old? Everyone knows who the thugs are, including the police - round them up on any charge possible, lock them up and throw away the key like they did in late 90s. Keeping a hardcore thug locked up is much cheaper than section 8, ebt, public defender time, social worker timr, hospital bills, etc - each one of those shootings is costing the taxpayers a pretty penny, probably at least quarter mil if it's more than a superficial wound. And I'm not even talking about all the illegitimate kids he'll add to the welfare rolls...

Somewhere out there is a dog

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Somewhere out there is a dog missing its whistle.

On the plus side, the comment above help fill out my latest UHub comments Bingo sheet.

...."thugs" arent the only

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...."thugs" arent the only ppl running the streets with guns for one and two maybe if boston police actually made an effort to get off their fat asses and actually kept up with whats going on in the streets theyd actually fulfill their job description for once

They do

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That's why Boston is full of thugs with mile-long drug and violent crime-related records. But, thanks to our extremely fair, extremely liberal judges, all those thugs end up back in the streets either right away, or after a laughably short stay in jail.

The constitution protects

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The constitution protects everyone's right to due process. Even if they are a career scumbag with all the evidence pointing toward them being guilty as sin.
Without such protections we would live in a police state where the government could arbitrarily lock up anyone for anything.

The soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge boxes: lose any of them and you are no longer free.

Yep, in their rush to deny

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Yep, in their rush to deny rights to others they are laying the groundwork to lose their rights too.

Tinfoil hat

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Guess what, no one's going to take away your rights if you let the cops do their job and make the city safer like they did in the late 90s (i.e. Boston Miracle.) You're not that important, no one gives a crap about you, the big scary government isn't coming over to take away your individual first and fourth amendment rights, just like it's not coming over to take away some bible-thumping moron's second amendment rights. Now run over to your nearest CVS and see if they have any medicine for thugophilia, the culpam album condition and the bleeding heart syndrome. If not, moving might help too - all of those are highly contagious, leaving the area where everyone is infected and moving into or close to a thug-infested environment would be an instant cure.

?? D head

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So your suggesting slavery or jim crow when you say that??

its only a handful its really

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its only a handful its really not that many chicago just had 15 in one night this week. Boston is only averaging a shooting every 3-4 days most of them are not fatal so its really not that bad.

a city like Boston should be average 2-4 shootings a day if you really want the truth

Look at him this way

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Somewon is reminding us that we are basically a safe city, though his logic is that of some one deeply disturbed.

The reality is that Boston has more shootings than it should, compared to Dublin, Nice, or Frankfurt. Other American cities, on the other hand, are WAY out of control.

I mean, how does one, or somewon if you will, arrive at exactly how many shootings a city should experience?

i just compare it to cities

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i just compare it to cities its size and smaller. if you look at other cities like Boston they have tons more shootings and murders. Boston is a northeast working class cities....other cities like it have double the rates. Boston likes to try have this image of being hard when in reality it lacks the stats to even come close.

even cities like Hartford had more homicides than Boston in a few years during the 2000's. Boston is as safe as it gets for an american city other than like Portland and Seattle but neither of those cities even had a "Boston" imagine. Boston had 40 homicides last year. Chicago will get 50 in a month some months

Indianapolis already has 39 and had like 160 last year Boston is just a tad bit smaller and doesnt even come close.

Im just saying people shouldnt get worried over a few people shot in the leg its a typical occurrence for a city esp in one of the "bad" areas of Boston

Boston might not be hard, but

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As noted a few months ago, Limerick has the reputation as "Stab City" even though a city like Glasgow has more stabbings. Outside of Dublin, which is practically its own country, Limerick has always had the reputation of being the toughest part of Ireland. Reputation is just that. Chicago has a reputation as being corrupt, but Detroit is much more corrupt. Boston's rep for being a "hard" city comes from when guys working the docks would bear fists against each other routinely. Any coward can shoot a gun or shank someone from behind, for example, but a hard man will go toe to toe.

That said, I am not a hard man, and I have seen the hard edge of Boston become softened. I still won't accept that we have too little violence, just that places like Indianapolis (where me and my pal were sized up by some locals for the offense of visiting their mall back in the early 1990s) and Chicago (where everyone has been nice to me over the years) have too much.

About 20 minutes after I left

About 20 minutes after I left the station, just great.

I'm there everyday after school lets out and now with the warm weather there are a ton of kids hanging around.


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I use the station. Glad to know where it happened.

By on allows you to read 10 stories a month without a paid subscription. This link was to a 13-second video that shows the underpass where the shooting happened. One sentence; no details.

Appalling BostonGlobe "Videos" Are Worse Than Still Photos!

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They did the same thing with the Charlestown bicyclist fatality; these "videos" have no narration and offer no more information than a couple of still photos. Adding injury to the insult, you're often forced to watch annoying advertisements before the useless video plays. Appalling!

Meanwhile, instead of

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Meanwhile, instead of covering this or the many other recent shootings--or, gasp, covering the fact that there was such a steady rise over the past week--the Globe can provide the following very enlightening articles today:

James Franco shamed over Instagram fiasco

Lefties apparently have better sex

It’s time for another pillow fight, Boston!


Helpful hint

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Forget - they're deliberately turning it into the Huffington Globe or GlobeFeed. Go to - that's where the real news is now.

Thank you Adam. That almost

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Thank you Adam. That almost makes the whole problem even worse.

Also, still zip coverage of this crime spree on Guess it's too ~offensive.

"Too ~offensive"

Or maybe the Boston Globe didn't want to write:

"There were a number of shootings this week, more than usual, we guess. Maybe it was just a bad week, maybe there's something up. We of course don't know, because the police don't know either. Calling it a 'spree' strikes us as a little disingenuous, but we don't want to offend anyone."

I bet you're not going to see much reporting on this . . .

until after the Boston Marathon. I mean, come on, the firefighter tragedies, the Red Sox home opener, the upcoming Marathon--we need to be seen as "One Boston" and "Boston Strong" and "resilient"--we can't report that those other neighborhoods are having "issues."

And, just to be clear, I'm not trying to detract from any of the aforementioned ceremonies/remembrances, etc., just looking at it strictly from a PR perspective. "Boston is Strong . . . but it has its problems just like every other major City" is too long of a news headline.

Is Marty Walsh too busy

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Is Marty Walsh too busy throwing around a baseball to deal with the violence in his communities?


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He's getting fitted for a Pilgrim hat to go with the blunderbuss he intends to deploy to push back the fierce Turkey Incursion.

Nothing strikes fear and dread into the hearts of a turkey like ancestral memories of Myles Standish and his fowling piece.

He may even escalate to cranberry grenades and the horrific gravy thrower.

If a mayor could somehow stop

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If a mayor could somehow stop shootings don't you think he would? What is a mayor going to do to stop shootings? If someone has a motive and access to a gun they can shoot whoever they want and no one can stop them. People who try to claim the police or mayor should do more to stop shootings are out of their minds

People who try to claim the

People who try to claim the police or mayor should do more to stop shootings are out of their minds

That's not necessarily true. What is true is that people who say that without providing a tangible improvement, even a flawed one, are showboaters and grandstanders. 9 times out of 10, they don't even particularly care about the community involved.

Sickened and Afraid

It is getting scarier and worse everyday. I live North of Boston, and my area is not the nice quiet safe place it was, even a few years ago. A lot of people are pissed off at me because I am speaking out against Illegally owned weapons..and Gun Violence. please support me by commenting on my blog
if you agree.