Gunfire behind police headquarters

Police are looking for two men see bicycling and then running towards Ruggles after gunfire around 8:15 p.m. on Albert Street, across the Southwest Corridor Park from the rear of BPD headquarters. Police found shell casings from the three or four shots, but no victims.



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Is this the second shooting

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Is this the second shooting in this area in 24 hours?

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i think they just chased them down Dot Av....

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....past me at Savin to Ashmont. Chasing somebody like hell and the Scanner said the Gang Squad was leadin the charge.

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Different guys

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Driver there was black, Albert suspects were Hispanic.

Also, if you were listening, you heard a commander ordering the chase ended, probably because high-speed chases often don't end well.

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thought they were in a car? different chase?

I was listening to many streets(turns) called out by BPD. Didn't they U turn and head towards police going the wrong way on one street? I'm glad no one was hurt by cruisers or suspects fleeing.

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