Man shot to death in Roxbury

Boston Police report finding a man with several gunshot wounds around 1 a.m. at Regent and Dabney streets. He was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.




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Asking people to tell their

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Asking people to tell their stories before their kin's coffins are even in the ground is a little insensitive.

Trying to blame violence on inanimate objects by prefixing it with "gun" "knife" defers responsibility from the perpetrator. Someone had to put those objects in their hands with malicious intent. Blaming the tools does nothing to address the root causes of evil behavior by people.


Guess I may need to

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Guess I may need to reconsider my late night dog walks - I was just out walking by that corner an hour earlier.

We are traumatized trying to

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We are traumatized trying to be positive thanks for the love I'm a white man with a black woman I've been feeling the black pain and trouble it hurts my heart there is a problem in the black community I fear for the rest of year I hope I survive 2014