Allston bank held up at gunpoint

Mt. Washington Bank, 181 Brighton Ave., held up around 3:50 p.m. by a white guy in a white Red Sox sweatshirt with red trim, wearing glasses and a black hat. He waved a black handgun at tellers as he demanded money. He may have run towards Cambridge Street.



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Lack of truth

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Very descriptive about the criminals race in this story, were was the description in the story about the ''seven descended on a man and woman walking in Downtown Crossing Friday night " ?

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You don't read Universal Hub on a regular basis, I see.

Because if you did, you'd see I almost always list the race of somebody who hasn't been captured - on the off chance a UHub visitor might actually see the person. On the other hand, I almost never list them race of somebody who has been captured, because there's no need.

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Oh, Snap!

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You go girl! Send that troll back under it's bridge, Adam!

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White guy? Black hat? Bank

White guy? Black hat? Bank robbery?

How many times does this have to happen before we stop pretending that they're isolated incidents?!?

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