JP market owner robbed, punched in the head

The Green Street Market, 186 Green St., was robbed shortly after noon by a man who took some money and then punched the owner.

He's described as black, in his 20s, wearing an army shirt, a hat and bluejeans. He was listening to an iPod during the attack and had a large, light blue backpack.



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    That's like

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    10 steps from the police station...

    and? E-13 are like the keystone kops

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    When my neighborhood was getting robbed blind, their "solution" was to have a police cruiser drive through twice a day.

    When people were getting mugged on Bolyston Street coming home from work, they'd be at one end of the street taking a police report from a victim, when the same gang would hit someone further up the street. They had something like three muggings in one night on the same street and somehow they managed to not catch anyone.

    Boylston St

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    Hasn't it been about 90% yuppified by now, with only a few section 8 houses here and there, at least on the "good" side? It should be pretty easy to track down the Boylston St gang thugs and have their landlords boot them out. It might take some effort, but landlords normally get off their asses and fix the problem when their building is placed on the problem properties list.


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    Jesus, that poor guy... I shop here a fair bit, and it's usually the proprietor and his wife working behind the counter, more often than not with their two young kids. It takes a special kind of asshole to assault a store owner with his family standing there watching.

    I hope E-13 decides to take this seriously, because, as pointed out upthread, this store is literally 50 feet from the police station.


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    This f'ing enrages me. They are the nicest family--they've practically raised their kids in that market. That cowardly a**hole probably figured they were an easier target than Ruggiero's but I hope that they catch him quickly.

    Oooooh. So angry.