Man shot in the South End

Around 9:15 on Tremont Street near West Brookline. Due to the severity of his injuries, the homicide unit was summoned.

Police are looking for a black man in a black hoodie with white writing on it who was spotted jumping into a black SUV.

The shots reverberated through the neighborhood. Among those who heard the gunfire - at-large City Councilor Michelle Wu, who reports:

At home on W. Brookline St, heard what sounded like 7 shots fired.

The shooting scene is near where a teenager was shot to death in 2011.

Drew photographed the scene from across Tremont a little later:

Tremont shooting scene



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Tale of Two Cities now

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Tale of Two Cities now playing in Boston. Shootings are now a regular occurrence. Job opportunities for urban poor are.scarce. Summer is coming- lots of teens with no jobs no money but lots of time.....Marty is going to have his hands full.


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Should have his prisons full. Job opportunities are scarce for everyone, not just the urban poor. And, unlike the urban poor, many of the working folks are spending half of their paychecks on rat-infested basement shitholes and are barely making ends meet, while the alleged urban poor are are living in comfortable above-ground apartments paid for by the taxpayers and don't have to worry about putting food on the table because that little piece of plastic magically reloads itself with money every month. And more importantly, working folks don't go around shooting others simply because they have too much time and no money - in their case, they have neither the time nor the money.

Gee, how do I get on that

gravy train? I ask because all of those people living in those wonderful projects with their free rats and cockroaches sounds so much better than the two bedroom I live in in Belmont. And I want to sit around getting fat and drinking 40 oz's and using that plastic card to buy take-out from the Capital Grill, you know, just like Howie Carr says!

Rat and Roach infested apartment

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Maybe its been awhile since you last visited Boston. The New projects are condos that if sold at market would go for $400,000 +.

Sorry, I based my comment

on the years I spent living in the Bunker Hill projects, which I suppose would go for big money if they went private, rats and all...

I think you assume welfare is

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I think you assume welfare is a lot easier to qualify for than it is. Not everybody who lives in the ghetto is on welfare or section 8.

I'm going to play a little game here

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I don't think this anti-poor, anti-assistance screed even warrants discussion, since clearly this person has their mind made up. But the number of people upvoting it is a little disturbing, no? So, how about, let's upvote my comment if you value kindness or working toward reform over just flat-out poor-bashing. Thanks!

Pp thread there is a

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Pp thread there is a stereotypical bashing of poor people suggesting they will turn to crime if jobs aren't available or simply if they are bored. Why no backlash against that?

Just a Little Perspective

There is a poster on here who regularly talks about how we should put things in perspective in Boston considering the relatively low number of shootings and actual death-by-gun murders in Boston since (almost all praise to former Mayor Menino) things really turned around in Boston from the dark days of the '80s and '90s when the statistics were as much as triple what they are now.

Here is an article that just came over my Twitter feed about Chicago:

I think, relatively speaking, we need to focus more on what is working for the City of Boston and why, despite being one of those "Liberal cities with strict gun laws where all the people are sitting ducks" we pale in comparison to Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philly, etc. Just one example: a friend who works for MBTA Transit Police helps with a very successful youth outreach program and says, "It's almost simpler than you think--you have to show these kids that there are other paths to their future besides drugs, violence and gangs."

If we're going to keep spending so much money on the back end, [not] rehabilitating these kids/young adults in jail, why don't take at least some of it and spend it on the front end, before they're too entrenched in gang mentality? And, yes, that includes youth work programs.

Boston has less shootings

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Boston has less shootings than cities have murders in the month and im talking year so far totals. Boston doesnt have a gun issue problem its a typical city problem. Baltimore is the same size as Boston and had well over 220 murders last year.....Boston had 40.....Boston hasnt had over 75 murders since the mid 90's when cities like Gary India which is smaller than Quincy has had over 80 some years

Boston is just being a typical city. a few shootings where NO ONE died from is not bad its normal. chicago just had 40 people shot over easter weekend and ur complainging about 4 lol

One could suggest

One could suggest that Boston taking these things more seriously than Baltimore might be part of the reason why there are so many fewer murders in Boston compared to similarly sized cities.

Right, NO ONE died? I won't

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Right, NO ONE died? I won't be "complainging" about the bad aim Bostonians have. "Lol" in a post about shootings? Well I never ....

I think there was a second

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I think there was a second shooting in the early morning hours … so that means that there was a stabbing over the weekend and two fatal shootings in one night. Scary stuff.

I live on Columbus and heard

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I live on Columbus and heard what sounded like 20 shots (2 ten round mags, I would assume) in the middle of the night. Was expecting to see something on here about that, didnt even know about this one.