Second Tremont Street shooting sends man to the hospital with chest wounds

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot in the chest around 3 a.m. at Tremont and Camden streets - just a few hours after another shooting a few blocks away.

The man was dropped off at Boston Medical Center by an unknown party. The homicide unit was summoned.

In the middle of it all, he adds, two young kids - one just 8 - wandered onto the scene. Somehow, they had gotten there from Allston.



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Just posted on the other

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Just posted on the other shooting saying I heard a different one; looks like this was it. Heard 20 shots (two 10 round mags, I would assume). Sounded deliberate in pace, not like back and forth, so I guessed there was one shooter

Heard this one as well - we

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Heard this one as well - we're right at the intersection of mass ave & tremont so the shots rang out right through our bedroom window. Called 911 and the dispatcher was just about as sweet & concerned as I've ever heard them (I expect because 1) Shootings are scary and 2) third shooting of the night). Saw about 10 different BPD cars rip through the neighborhood and all the side streets within 2 minutes of calling it in. Thanks to Bostons Finest for being on call for us!


Fourth shooting, actually

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Not long after the Mattapan shooting, a teen showed up at Children's Hospital with a gunshot wound to the ankle. I didn't post about that because there seemed to be some doubt as to whether somebody else actually shot him.

Liquid Hair Salon

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Was that right outside of the Liquid hair salon? Yikes.


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8 year old kids wandering from Allston at 3am into a shooting scene?



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