Altercation outside East Boston bakery with pipe-wielding man with no shoes


Around 1:50 p.m., outside Spinelli, 282 Bennington St., a man began waving a metal pipe at somebody. The guy, white, wearing tan shorts and no shoes, then sauntered down Bennington toward Central Square, still carrying the pipe. Police nabbed him about an hour later.



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Familiar homeless man in East Boston

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I wonder if this was the unusual homeless man who is a familiar sight on the streets of East Boston. He wears tan pants/shorts that are so shredded as to be nonexistent, and often no shoes or shirt. Though I've never heard any reports of him being violent previously.


No way.. the guy you're

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No way.. the guy you're referring to wouldn't hurt a fly. I even tried to give him shoes and food... he's not a fan of handouts


All's Well @ Spinelli's

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Although there was an odd altercation in Day Square this afternoon that involved the shoeless pipe-wielder, Spinelli's was not involved and everyone here is A Ok.


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And glad no robbery was involved. Updated the post.

Spinelli's is our friend. Day

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Spinelli's is our friend. Day Square Ronnie would have been on the case in past times though, Hot Gus , not so much .


Love the Hot Gus reference!

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Love the Hot Gus reference! That guy was legendary, and well known to anyone who passed through Day Square. Everyone in my family still talks about him and whenever someone comes to the door selling something my parents say that person is like "Hot Gus".