Worcester men charged with beating up woman in Chinatown

Boston Police report arresting on man on charges he threw a woman into a metal security gate around 2 a.m. and a second man on charges he punched the woman in the face - even as police were arresting the first guy.

Dylan Tran, 27, of Worcester, was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (the metal gate) for the incident around 2:15 a.m. at Washington and Kneeland streets. Besnik Bytyqi, also of Worcester, was charged with assault and battery.

Innocent, etc.



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    More to the story

    Why would two guys from Worcester beat up someone in Boston? Did they travel from Worcester to Boston to beat up people, and this woman just happened to be there?


    How many feet from a persons

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    How many feet from a persons home do people have to commit a crime for you to start doubting accounts of what happened?


    "this woman just happened to

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    "this woman just happened to be there"
    That is not a neutral statement, that is implying that perhaps the victim was somehow involved or knew the people.

    It seems to be a read between

    It seems to be a read between the line thing.

    Your branding is known to be negative on bikes no matter what with other conservative stances--> thus you are viewed as having conservative ideology --> thus assigned all the qualities viewed in conservatives*** --> one of the assigned qualities is conservatives hates women --> thus your question is read as thinly veiled attack on the woman to assign blame.

    ***While I'm sure most is more nuanced than that, such qualities are assigned to conservatives commonly and that seems to be what happening here.

    Nothing to do with his antibike fetish

    More to do with the bizarre and vague comment implying that they might have some special (and, possibly to Mark, justified) reason for the beating based on them being all of 45 miles from home.

    You know, maybe they just wanted to drive fast enough to feel the G forces and ended up in Boston, had a drink ... ?

    Ultimately, however, it really doesn't matter what they were doing in Boston. It doesn't matter that they live in Worcester. They beat somebody up, they got arrested.


    The jump from antibike has a

    The jump from antibike has a leap. But it does have something to do as it is an important element of his reputation - basically fall in the "old crank guy" stereotype-caricature.

    Perhaps this would be clearer: it is not so much being seen as antibike to the response of his comment. But he is seen as the type of guy whose comments would blame victims over perpetrators. And that reputation is built in a large part by being seen as hostile to bikes.

    The language he used to ask the question can be read of a vague implicit expression that "she had it coming". But if it was said by a different person, I suspect the question would be given more a benefit of a doubt even as some posters would still raise eyebrows.

    Note: I still try to operate and engage his arguments as arguments based trying to choose best policy for infrastructure - despite I have trouble recalling any example being positive of some infrastructure not tailored to a car - rather irrational advocacy for cars under a veneer for optimal policy. But I know most have ran out of patience long ago.

    I'll feed the troll

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    They came to Boston from Worcester, got drunk, then beat up the lady. Bar fights have been known to happen, even in Boston.

    I am pretty sure that alcohol is not considered a defense in criminal cases.



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    Because they're monstrous jackholes!!!

    No point

    Except maybe I satisfied somebody else's curiosity about a last name with so few vowels.

    How do you pronounce that?

    I can't imagine how awful it must be trying to get a customer service agent on a call to take your name down. I have enough trouble with my four letter last name.

    Don't know of any relatives....

    ... with that name on this side of the Atlantic. My family's name WAS "Krpan" -- which got an "E" added at Ellis Island -- but some of my grandfather's cousins managed to make it through without getting e'd.

    Vocalic rs and ls are pronounced as if they have an "u" (schwa) sound before them. Brkljacic is something like "Berkeljatchitch".


    Wasn't half of Boston up that late the past few nights watching hockey?


    Um, no, not according to police

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    My apologies for not including it in my post, didn't think it was necessary - and it doesn't really change the fact that somebody was beaten up - but the report notes that:

    At this time, the female victim’s boyfriend intervened and a brief struggle ensued.


    This info helps

    It indicates this likely isn't a financial transaction gone wrong, as happens in drug and personal services transactions. I've witnessed drunk people where a woman testing if her boyfriend will protect her, runs her mouth to provoke a response from other men to see how the boyfriend reacts. This boyfriend, apparently was slow to intervene.

    Just wow.

    If you're trying to convince people that you don't habitually blame the victim, you're doing one hell of a shitty job.


    again, read what it says

    I wrote what I have witnessed. I'm NOT saying its what happened here.

    Testing and/or judging whether a man will protect and support a woman and her (future) children is just a natural part of human mate selection and pair bonding required for survival of the species. There are lots of mate selection processes that play out in, around, and outside of bars. Like male competitions for dominance, protectiveness testing is one that can get physical.


    please don't hide your victim vitriol...

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    ... in biological justification. many men and women do just find finding and keeping appropriate mates without testing whether or not that mate can beat the shit out of somebody. you have absolutely no reason to believe that this victim was "protectiveness testing", and your hypothesizing is unkind at best.


    Writing a check they can't cash

    Examples of women initiating fights are not hard to find. MTV's show Jersey Shore came to attention because "Snookie" got all up in some guy's face, violated his personal space, and he punched her. This was a learning experience for "Snookie" who didn't seem to repeat the mistake.

    Another widely televised "news" incident recently was from Real Housewives of Atlanta where one woman got in the face of another with a bullhorn to produce a physical fight.

    So, don't provoke fights unless willing to accept the consequences.


    Citing fictional TV shows as evidence for the prevalence of some phenomenon here in the real world is kind of lame.

    Fictional police investigations?

    Would the police be called in and reports filed if wholly fictional? These events do not seem to be completely scripted and, in any case, did not appear to follow the script, only because of police involvement.


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    Slow to intervene? Is it the boyfriends fault too now? Nothing justifies throwing a woman into a fence and punching her in the face.


    Hey Dirty!

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    I got your money!