Man shot in Fields Corner

Around 6:40 p.m. at Arcadia and Montello streets.



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I saw this whole thing

I live on the street where the man was shot. There seemed to be some verbal altercation between about 4 men and this guy at the intersection. One of the 4 chased him down the street and 3 shots were fired. He was shot in the back and screaming. Within a few minutes at least 6 cruisers pulled up. The guy was screaming and a cop got in his face then put handcuffs on him. He was saying "I'm in shock! I just got shot" So his hands were CUFFED BEHIND HIS BACK EVEN THOUGH HE'D BEEN SHOT IN THE BACK. He was going crazy. The cop was about to punch him EVEN THOUGH HE'D BEEN SHOT IN THE BACK. A guy who was watching from the street walked up to the victim and stroked his head to calm him so the cop wouldn't hit him. A truly decent human being. By the time the ambulance arrived the man was limp and the cop tried to hoist him into the ambulance in HANDCUFFS EVEN THOUGH HE'D BEEN SHOT IN THE BACK. The crowd of bystanders called the cop out, yelling for him to take off the cuffs, which he eventually did before the victim was placed in the ambulance. None of the dozen or so cops there seemed to have any interest in pursuing the shooter. It was a complete human rights violation and if this man ends up dead BPD bears some major responsibility.


Sickening, why would you even

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Sickening, why would you even hand cuff a gun shot victim? That poor guy. I hope it is reported and maybe someone has some video/pictures of this happening. I wonder if gun shot victim has a criminal past and the cops knew him? ( still NO excuse for this incident, just trying to figure out why this transpired)

BPD is responsible?

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Are you sure? Or would it be the four thugs that shot this particular thug? Not to sound cynical, but I have a funny feeling he was just grazed by a bullet, and his screams weren't screams of pain, but rather f-bombs and threats of violence. Cops would not handcuff someone who's seriously hurt. And on a similar note, I'm fairly certain both shooter and shootee have mile-long police records.


you "have a feeling?"

Guess yr "feeling" trumps my eyewitness account. "Fairly certain???" Are you kidding me? The dude was shot! Get over yourself and your "feelings." You weren't there and you don't know sh!t about what happened. I have a "feeling" that you're an idiot.

Plus, this last gem "Cops would not handcuff someone who's seriously hurt." is priceless.

And if you'd read my post you'd have understood that the cops didn't seem to have any interest in arresting the shooter. Clearly I was not absolving the gunman of any responsibility. Incidents of gun violence and incidents of police brutality are not mutually exclusive, get it?


Don't you know?

You need permission from an anonymous cultural apologist to actually interpret what you saw with your own eyes!

Just like women need a man to validate their perceptions of sexism to make them "real", and minorities need a white person to validate their perceptions of racism, etc. for it to truly exist!

Anon's bullshit is just yet another clearly ridiculous head of that same "what you see or experience for yourself doesn't count if it clashes with what I want to believe" hydra.


Swirly strikes again

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Violent thug? Check! Mile-long record? No name released yet, but based on police report most likely another check. White guild tears from everyone's favorite suburb dweller who claims Blue Hill Ave is safer than Beacon St? Check! Move along folks, nothing to see here.


Quiet, Anon

Didn't anybody ever teach you to shut up while the grownups were talking?

Obviously not.

Oh ... is the White Guild anything like the Illuminati?

What makes you such an expert

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on big city urban life, when you grew up in a small Washington State town? Am I missing something, doctor? And under the circumstances, how did you become an expert on racism and minorities, since you yourself aren't a minority (you're white from a vast majority white area, and female, the majority gender)? I myself come from and live in a big city, multicultural, environment, am white, grew up poor, know what it isto be a minority from living poor in majority non white areas, from being the minority gender (male), and being a 'sexual minority' (bisexual). I think I know from personal experience more than you on these subjects.

And what's the illuminati crack about? Some code?

You are terribly clueless, Anon

Very amusing, though. You are way off on your assessment here, clearly merging me with another poster. I don't think her wife wouldn't happy about that.

Look up spatial and demographic factors as confounders in health studies, dear. Lots to learn about effects of race, class, neighborhood, and place if you can be bothered to actually learn anything.

White Guild, indeed. Maybe you should go back to yours, and don't forget to starch your sheets.

You are "fairly certain"

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You are "fairly certain" both the shooter and victim have long records? Where do you get these facts, do you assume that of all victims or just ones you have geographically decided were not "real" victims. Please show us how you got your certainty. Unless you are just throwing out guesses.

"weren't screams of pain, but

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"weren't screams of pain, but rather f-bombs"

Right, like it says in the First Amendment:

The right to free speech shall not be abridged, except you can't cuss out the cops. It's rude, you guys, and shouting "fuck!" when you've been shot is just completely unacceptable.


Should it matter if he was

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Should it matter if he was only "grazed" as you say??? If someone is yelling " I'm shot" should you not take their word for it especially if are a person " who should be upholding the law"??? And what does it matter if the person shot has a long wrap sheet, cuff em even though he's shot? You're a fuckin dick for this stupid inhumane comment you posted! You must be one of those cops who don't give a shit, just in it for a paycheck! Put yourself in that guys shoes you fuckin clown!

Oh, really?

So let's say you're a police officer dealing with, say, a shootout with an armed and dangerous person.... let's say it's a bank robbery gone bad, and the guy has demonstrated his dangerousness by killing a couple of the hostages. And let's say you manage to shoot one of the robbers, let's say, in the arm. Are you seriously suggesting that ought to just put the guy in an ambulance without handcuffing him? Put yourself in the ambulance driver's shoes you fuckin clown.


If you saw the whole thing

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then stop bitchin and start snitching and call either the Boston Police or Martha Coakley the AG


The cop was about to punch

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The cop was about to punch him EVEN THOUGH HE'D BEEN SHOT IN THE BACK. -- DuchessofDot

So you claim to know what the cop was about to do? The Mega Millions jackpot this Friday is $105,000,000. Any chance that your clairvoyance covers lottery numbers too?



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I am willing to bet that the victim is known to police, has a warrant and is known to be dangerous. Is it too bad he got shot? Sure. It's just really sad that people automatically jump to all of this being police brutality. There is more than meets the eye here. Is it out business? No. But the police in Boston, the majority of them, are doing a great job. They are the ones who leave their families everyday/night and put themselves in danger for people they don't even know. The world needs to stop jumping to conclusions. What was witnessed is the perception of one. The history is of this person and the police, if any, is none of our business.

Very troubling that your

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Very troubling that your account is so different from that in the Dorchester Reporter? Did you see this crowd gather, or did you see the victim push at another person or throw a shirt, as they say he did?