SUV shot up in East Boston

Stanley Staco reports an Explorer was shot up outside 338 Meridian St. around 3:30 a.m.



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If this BMW bothers you so

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If this BMW bothers you so much and you aren't above petty revenge then why not vandalize the car yourself? Wear a black mask and smash out a few windows, maybe leave a note so there's no confusion as to why the smashing took place.

You won't get caught and you'll finally be able to park your car (is parking really hard to find in Revere? Why do you live in Revere?)

How come the back bay ,

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How come the back bay , Charlestown Southie and Beacon hill don't have crimes similar to what happened in East Boston, because property taxes and rents are very high in these areas of Boston and it keeps the riff raff vermin off their streets . As Property values increase in East Boston so do real estate taxes and rents will increase, this will drive out the vermin off the streets of East Boston especially up Meridian street hill area ,a haven for gun violence.

Those neighborhoods all used

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Those neighborhoods all used to have high crime rates. I don't know if places like east Boston and Chelsea will ever have the same property values because of the airplane traffic overhead.

Hi Anon, You mentioned that

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Hi Anon, You mentioned that Eastie will not see home prices go up in value because of airplane noise Don't forget there is airplane noise in Southie too, their prices escalated over the years, , The new street condo development , the waterfront development, and the upcoming floating resturaunt on Boston harbor , the new mbta ferry that will be transporting curious vacationers to and from seaport in South boston to the East Boston shoreline to dine and walk around piers park is only going to make people want to buy homes and live here , Europeans who visit Boston every year are going to want to buy real estate in Eastie. A home on the market these days in Eastie will be sold within 30 days and it will sell over the asking price.Unheard of a year ago.

East Boston

The area around Orient Heights is really quite lovely. I bet that things don't stay on the market long there. (And up on the hill itself, I heard surprisingly little airplane noise on the day I visited).

If it was because of a car alarm, good.

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People in Eastie have very bad habits not only of setting car alarms when they park their cars blocks away from where they live(*), but also honking their horns to tell their passengers they've arrived to pick them up for the 6am shift.

*Anyone know the proper idiomatic Spanish for "Fuck you and your car alarm. Nobody gives a shit about your ancient Honda and your neighbors would like to sleep through the night. Turn that goddamned thing off." I'd like to have a properly bilingual sign to leave after I use one of those car escape hammers on a few windows.

I have the same problem every

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I have the same problem every morning at 5am. An A hole blows the car horn for someone across the street.
They like yacking on cell phones so much, why not use it then.
Welcome to East Bostonzil.

Say "ahem"

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A couple years ago there was a cab honking, for the same person at 4am, every morning. My wife, who is usually up until 3am anyway, waited up one night and ran out to talk to the cab driver. He didn't speak much English, but he understood the word "ticket" well enough. The honking never happened again.

She's also printed notes reprimanding people for their car alarms, printed as large as the paper will allow, and left them face up under the windshield wipers so that everyone passing by can read them.

She's the Night Owl Avenger.