Gunfire brings police to Fields Corner intersection

Police are investigating two shots fired around 7:30 a.m. at the intersection of Geneva Avenue and Waldeck Street. No one was hit.

Ophiuchus reports:

I heard two bangs, sounded like 2 m80s went off over here.

On Thursday, police arrested 12 on Waldeck Street as part of a citywide drug sweep.



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Or the BRA assign a demolitions team to the one bad building

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Like many of Boston's drug and gang plagued areas, The Bowdoin-Geneva area is full of contradictions. Go further down Waldeck St. from that particularly egregious address and you find well kept yards and houses. Just goes to show you how a small portion of the population in an area can bring down the whole neighborhood. It almost makes one want to leap into the murky waters of eminent domain, have the city take over the building so it can't be rented out to problematic tenants. But then we've seen how not so well the BHA manages things too... Like "Let's ban smoking tobacco" when they can't even stop people using hard drugs. So maybe the best thing to do is just knock the damn thing down and auction the land with an owner occupancy requirement.

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Used to live on Melville Ave

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Although it looks much nicer, it's still the same ol shit. My cousin got robbed on Waldeck, near Tremlett on his was to where I was staying once. Had a dude point a gun at me on Tremlett 'cause he thought I was someone else, and once had a guy pull a gun on me in an attempt to rob me on Waldeck & Melville. I have an LTC and was carrying that day, but luckily no gunfire, and he took off. Called the BPD, gun was found later and it was an airsoft pistol. Shit can happen anywhere.

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Waldeck St

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12 drug dealing arrests on a small street with no more than 100 buildings - and that's just an average street in one of the crappier sections of Dot...

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That's because

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The people who built, once lived and current own them moved to Newton.

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An old friend of mine was

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An old friend of mine was shot in kneck last Monday in Fields Corner didn't see it on here.

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