Man shot in Mattapan drive-by

Around 7:20 p.m. on Hazelton Street, per Stanley Stacos and Boston EMS Incidents.



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And not even remotely funny!

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Sad, not funny but true

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Rox/Dot/'Pan shooting - 5 comments at most, unless it was something really out of ordinary. Bike lanes - always 100+ comments.

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That's categorically false in

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That's categorically false in regards to shootings in Dorchester. Mattapan and Rox, yes. Dot? No. Every time there's a shooting here it feels like there's some sort of frenzy of absurd "those people" comments.

But a shooting or stabbing in the South End? There's an almost complete lack of response. Sometimes it feels like the SE hires "cleaners" after anything happens there just so their reputation as a safe neighborhood isn't diminished at all.

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Something has to drive the comments

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Let's be fair, if not for dvdoff, there'd be no comments.

Agreement might bring some comments, sympathy maybe some (though the silent type are most likely sympathetic,) but flaming troll comments bring everyone out. Hence the bicycle comment (not that it is necessarily a troll, just that bikes make for comments.)

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And here am I trying to make some strides in the anon community...

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