Police: South Boston teen caught with loaded gun also had an assault rifle at home

Boston Police say that officers doing a drug investigation at Joyce Hayes Way and Flaherty Way around 5 p.m. on Wednesday noticed a guy dressed all in black. When he noticed them and started running away, they chased him:

As the suspect jumped over the wall, officers pursuing him heard an object hit the ground and a gunshot went off. The suspect continued his escape to the area of 71 B. St. As officers entered the building, they were directed to one of the apartments. Officers knocked on the door and the suspect’s mother answered after approximately 10 minutes. As officers spoke with the suspect, he stated that he had been running from officers and that when he jumped over the wall, the gun went off. Officers placed the suspect under arrest. A canvas of the area enabled officers to locate and recover a loaded firearm. The apartment was frozen pending a search warrant.

Armed with a search warrant, officers arrived around 1:35 a.m.

Upon making entry, officers were able to locate a black Hi-Point Assault Rifle, an extended ammunition clip as well as narcotics.

Lovant Wheeler, 18, was charged with unlawful possession of firearm, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a large-capacity firearm, possession of a large capacity feeding device, improperly storing a large capacity firearm, receiving stolen property and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Innocent, etc.



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It must be difficult to stay

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Glad the cops spooked him or who knows what may have happened. Very scary. Love to know how he obtained this firearm.

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I'm not sure he was carrying an assault rifle.

It sounds as though he was carrying a handgun (which he dropped causing it to discharge), and had a rifle stored at his residence.

Was his mom allowed back in after the police were done with their search? If I were locked out of my place due to my sons ill ways, I'd be pissed.

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Very good point about the

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Very good point about the handgun. Shouldn't be reading while half asleep.
The kid had a rifle and drugs, in the house. It took them 10 minutes to open the door for police. The mother can't be totally clueless about her son's behavior.

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I know he wasn't.

The hi point is a $400 carbine. It's not an assault rifle, period. The magazine is removable, so you can use any size you want. Also, if the pistol discharged when it hit the ground, it's a lousy pistol. All in all, good grab for the cops.

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Good old mommy

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Kick her and her sociopathic teenage son out of public housing. Unreal. Not only do they terrorize neighborhoods and cities, but they usually in subsidized housing, food stamps, medicaid, the whole nine yards.

There are many homeless people who deserve a break far more than these two.

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If this poor child

and his family are homeless where will he hide his guns? Show some compassion for his illegal firearms please.

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Unpossible! All the things

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Unpossible! All the things are totally illegal by state and city laws. We clearly need more laws to make it against the law to break the law while breaking the law!

Or even better let us get rid of all the criminals in this state with one stroke of the pen.

The state could totally eliminate all crime by making everything legal! If nothing is a crime we wouldn't have any criminals. Think of all the savings from living in a crime free state? We would have money for every other social and education programme imaginable.

We should at least give a hard look at getting rid of all the drug laws because if drugs weren't against the law the dealers would instantly turn into good hardworking taxpaying folk with no penchant for violence to crush competitors. Those hardworking guys currently selling drugs to other people's kids could be around for their kids as excellent role models.

It is time to end crime for the children. Abolish all laws!

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Does a weed dealer

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really need this sort of firepower? Even the handgun seems excesive.

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Need is not a criteria for

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Need is not a criteria for owning guns in this country. It's a right as is voting and freedom of speech. That being said, there are rules to follow. I'm pretty certain this guy owned them illegally, in which case he should face mandatory and maximum sentencing. He won't get that here unfortunately, because it's those who follow those laws who are treated like villains while any back story on this goof and his family will inevitably include how he's a good kid caught up in bad circumstances/influences and the family has been struggling, etc. It's insane that those who are productive members of society and good neighbors are subject to a lot of dirty looks and hoop jumping while those who break the law are often given the benefit of the doubt, the chance to plead out on charges, and repeated chances.

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Public Service Announcement

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From the NRA: Only more guns can stop this type of criminal activity. Be sure to head to your local fire arms dealer and buy a few today.

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There is a no tolerance rule put in place in BHA. If any tennant gets arrested for drugs or a felony. All tenants living in the dwelling are SUPPOSED to be evicted. Interestingly enough, it's left up to the property manager to enforce. Lots of incidents get swept under the rug depending on skin color. Imagine this, if that creep, who abducted and killed that poor girl last summer, was evicted for any of his past transgressions. (With more then enough to be evicted)Would she still be alive? Housing developments were built for veterans, now the are called "projects" and veterans are homeless!
Mr. Wheeler will have a new state home, and his mother probably won't be tossed. Even though she probably knew exactly what he was doing, and would have wound up crying into a TV camera" about her good boy would never do this!" Because he killed someone over a bag of weed! Where is the outrage!

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