Man charged with bringing two loaded guns to BU commencement

A Marshfield man faces arraignment on weapons and disorderly-conduct charges after his arrest at BU commencement today.

Andrea Massa has a license to carry firearms for hunting and target practice only; he was charged with carrying "two loaded handguns with high-capacity magazines," unlawfully carrying a firearm onto school grounds and disorderly conduct, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Massa was arrested outside Nickerson Field, the Patriot Ledger reports.

Innocent, etc.



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I don't get it... did he feel

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I don't get it... did he feel a college graduation was a life threatening situation? Must be sad to go through life feeling so paranoid.


Most life situations aren't

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Most life situations aren't life threatening until all of a sudden without warning they are. That said this guy is an Olympic level moron for violating the terms of his license at the ground zero of worst places to get caught doing so.


Did Drew have a misunderstanding or is that bs?

His wife was on the 11 o'clock news. She was in tears and claiming it was a big misunderstanding. I presume she means Drew didn't willfully try to break the law, he did it only because he misunderstood it.

Well, ignorance of the law is not a valid self-defense. Moreover, they both have firearm licenses and she said that when her husband Drew saw law enforcement, he turned around and headed back toward the car. Why would he do that if he thought he was lawfully carrying the firearms?

She claimed that she got two guns for her birthday and he wanted to "get used to carrying them." That's also a peculiar explanation.

Massachusetts General Law Part IV,Title I, Chapter 269, Section10, Subsection (j) prohibits carrying a weapon on the grounds of a school or university:

"Whoever, not being a law enforcement officer, and notwithstanding any license obtained by him under the provisions of chapter one hundred and forty, carries on his person a firearm as hereinafter defined, loaded or unloaded or other dangerous weapon in any building or on the grounds of any elementary or secondary school, college or university without the written authorization of the board or officer in charge of such elementary or secondary school, college or university SHALL BE PUNISHED BY A FINE OF NOT MORE THAN 1000 DOLLARS OR BY IMPRISONMENT FOR NOT MORE THAN ONE YEAR, OR BOTH. For the purpose of this paragraph, “firearm” shall mean any pistol, revolver, rifle or smoothbore arm from which a shot, bullet or pellet can be discharged by whatever means"

If he doesn't have a record, and they don't think he meant harm, I doubt he'll spend time in jail for carrying a firearm on campus but I think he's in deep shyte for the high-capacity clips if in fact they're illegal.


Doesn't speak to someone who

Doesn't speak to someone who is interested in following the rules of gun ownership.

I'm not a gun owner, but I'm guessing that it's pretty easy to get answers about where one can/can't carry, what permits one needs, and how to store your guns properly. Or, at least it should be.


You're right

some commie sob might have thrown his graduation cap in the air and we can't have that type of public safety threat go unchecked. A man and his gun(s) puts the cum in cum laude.


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I've never heard ANYONE say any of those events were myths.

This is...strange. Why do

This is...strange. Why do you need to bring two guns to a college graduation?

Then again, I know a guy who says that his father always carries whenever he comes into Boston. I find that pretty funny these days.


That's just the thing. A lot

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That's just the thing. A lot of older people have the mentality that you need to be carrying when you go into the city. They still picture Boston as the crime-ridden city it once was and don't realize how safe it is these days. They also don't realize that Comm Ave is one of the safest areas... to them it's all the big bad city. You see this a lot with NYC, too... older folks were alive when everyone was fleeing the cities for the suburbs and they haven't realized that it turned around again

Boston has never had crime

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Boston has never had crime that other similar and bigger cities have had. Ever. Think Detroit L.A., Chicago, Philly. Not even close. Never had the rioting either. Cuz we are so smahht.


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So now if one thinks that a city is dangerous, they're racist? I don't agree w/the guy that you should have a weapon if you're in Boston, but it doesn't make him racist.



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Yes, inability to go look up the frigging crime statistics while strapping on your proxy phallus to protect your this and that from all those nasty urban black people is racist.

That shit's on line, yo!

It does not make this

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It does not make this specific individual a racist since we do not yet know his motives. But in my personal experience, it's hard to separate a fear of going into the city from some racially-tinged beliefs, yes.

Interesting case

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I understand the ban on handguns on college campuses that on are gated campuses but can you be arrested if you have a licenses to carry on any university or college property such as apartment buildings or visiting someone at BU medical center attending a sporting event?

Carrying outside license

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Carrying outside license restrictions in the one place specifically listed by state law as a no carry zone in the city with the strictest atmosphere of enforcement in the state. Wicked smart!

Congratulations buddy your license will be revoked and you'll NEVER be issued one again EVAH!


Columbine much?

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...there, Mr trench coat mafia.

I saw one of the alleged

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I saw one of the alleged firearms. It appeas to be a Smith and Wesson Shield. Not a high capacity firearm. It seems the reporting is not accurate as to at least one of the firearms. A Sport and Target would allow you to own hi capacity magaizines and the high capacity firearms. If he was not yet in Nickerson Field and on Agganis Way, I am not sure he was on school grounds yet. Carrying outside your restriction is a civil infraction. My guess is he gets some charges dismissed, takes a CWOF on the Disturbing, and gets his license yanked for a few years for the restriction violation, along with a hefty fine.

Bizarre story

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It will be interesting to see if he had any reason to be at BU, especially since there were a lot of high-profile people there and a lot of people in general. Who wants to go to any graduation unless you have a loved one graduating? If he didn't, I'd love to know his intent with the two guns and how he was carrying them. Very strange, especially since anyone with a target and hunting license knows exactly what that means. Not to draw any immediate links but a sophisticated pipe bomb was found in Marshfield a few weeks back, apparently after falling off a car. I remember the Chief there saying it would have killed someone if it had gone off.

There are a number of strange

There are a number of strange things about this story. I put them all down to two mostly harmless dumbasses but I'm willing to reconsider.

She said the guns were her birthday present but he wanted to "get used to carrying them." She said it was a misunderstanding but also indicated that he tried to return the guns to the car when he saw law enforcement.

I'd like to know more about the high capacity clips. The Suffolk DA indicated they are illegal in MA. If they are, we know he didn't buy them in MA. So why did he buy high capacity clips?

Why is he carrying two guns?

I'm willing to reconsider that this is more than two mostly harmless dumbasses.


Not illegal to have high capacity magazines with a Class A.

(Never call them clips, the gun nuts will have a fit)

From what I understand, he has a class A license to carry firearms for hunting and target practice. This allows him to possess high capacity firearms and feeding devices (clips or magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammo) while doing those activities, or in his home, (or traveling in between the two locations.

Apparently his sister was graduating, and he tried to get around the metal detectors in the front. I don't think he thought there would be any, and when he got to the front he told security that he didn't want to be wanded with metal detectors and he started to walk away.. This set off some red flags and he was stopped.


Why do people focus on these

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Why do people focus on these "high-capacity clips"? that's the only reason they mention them in stories. Do you realize how quickly you can change a magazine in a handgun? You press a button and one falls out and you slide the other one in until it clicks. Having 15 bullets instead of 9 isn't going to make a murderer any more effective at killing people.


My favorite deflection

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from gun thumpers, (who resemble bible pounders in their odd zeal), when someone calls attention to another gun idiot story is to trot out and display their command of gun tech minutiae as if that'll convince the gun averse that sloppy and or menacing gun flailing is okay and those who object need to brush up on their gun tech minutiae.

"Well ya see this one had a Two Way Sneeze Through Wind Shifter so it couldn't be equipped with a Splash On Mud Guard and Chrome Fender Dents. so there."


So many flavors of stupid

By on one dim goon.

Back in the day, my home town,Reading, had a hobby shop run by a Native American named Sid White.

He was such a good shot he could hit a rabbit in mid jump over a stone wall with a single shot .22

It was called sportsmanship, I seem to recall.

Nowadays we got these anxious angry white guys who gotta have enough fire power to hold off a regiment purely as a kind of penis extension sop for whatever insecurities prey on them.

The Dylan Klebold all black look is pretty cute too and oh so useful under the beating sun of a fine May day.



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Do you know why that is?

Thanks for the link

This link proves my hunch when I heard the name. He is from Duxbury originally, though but recently bought a house in Marshfield. His family owns a defense contacting company along Route 3A in Hingham which makes sensors for submarines and other maritime uses.

Let's just say that if I see any unicorns, dragons, or spells being cast up along Pleasant Street in the Hills, I know who stocked the cauldron.

What, swords weren't good

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What, swords weren't good enough?

(This link is like watching a train wreck in slow motion: I can not look away.)


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30+ comments about a moron with a small dick who wanted to carry his registered firearm everywhere he went, not a single comment about two thugs with unregistered firearms who not only carry them everywhere but actually use them for their intended purpose (I.e. kill people.)


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I think you are missing an important fact in your analysis of the situation.