Beating in Brighton leaves man with major head injuries

Boston Police report a man who was attacked around 12:40 a.m. on Saturday outside 1350 Commonwealth Ave. is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

According to police, the man was jumped by two black men, both about 6' tall with medium builds. One wore a dark blue hoodie, while the other wore a burnt red T-shirt and a red hat with a "C" imprinted on it, possibly a Cincinnati Reds hat.

The victim, suffering head trauma, was transported to Brigham & Women’s Hospital for treatment of what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. However, once at the hospital, the victim’s injuries worsened and his condition and the nature of his injuries were elevated to life threatening status.

Anyone with information can contact the homicide unit at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).



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    In a city

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    it's safe to assume that most out-of-town baseball hats are gang symbols.

    There are plenty of out-of-towners (college kids, people who moved for jobs) who represent their hometown teams, sure, but biology majors and software engineers tend to avoid loitering on street corners in identical and glaring at others and are therefore seldom mistaken for gang members.

    The semi-anon kind of has a point

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    Leaving aside successful, big market, teams, why would someone be wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat, let alone several people, in Boston?

    Besides it harkens us to the bad old days of the Humboldt Raiders (though the football team were successful enough to have support), the Franklin Hill Giants (kind of the same, but not really), and of course my favorite, the Magnolia Steelers (not for their viciousness, but that name is a classic.)

    Local street gangs wear hats too

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    These Cincinnati hats may represent Crips across the US, but more often than not in Boston the C represents a local gang, possibly Codman, Columbia Rd, Castlegate, or one that I am unaware of. This conjecture is based on general knowledge of Boston gangs, and is simply an opinion, not fact.


    These Cincinnati hats may represent Crips across the US

    Source for this information?


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    My source is the streets, and I also deliberately said "may represent" to avoid being asked for sources. A cursory google search should help you find what you are looking for, if you don't believe me.

    Why are we automatically

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    Why are we automatically assuming this was gang related because of his hat?

    We're not

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    It could just as well be that they were both fans of the 19-23 Cincinnati Red. Maybe Aroldis Chapman fans, or maybe both were visiting from Andorra where all they know for baseball are the Reds due to the above named player. Maybe, much like how some Bostonians wore Lakers gear in the 1980s and Yankees gear in the 1990s to make a statement about the teams and the city, they are going retro and living like it's 1975.

    Maybe the two guys are so close that they dress alike, and are confident enough that we won't think it's odd. Or maybe they're gang members. There are many options out there.

    EDIT- I was reading in the Metro this morning that only one guy had a Reds hat on. One guy is a fashion statement. 2 or more guys is whatever I described above.


    You could have learned the same thing right here, instead of making up nonsense about gangs because you didn't bother to actually read the original post.

    One wore a dark blue hoodie, while the other wore a burnt red T-shirt and a red hat with a "C" imprinted on it, possibly a Cincinnati Reds hat.

    You are making assumptions about my literacy skills

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    I wrote that I was reading the Metro, after all.

    So yes, I could have seen it above, but somehow in print, on paper, the way news should be read, it made sense to me.

    Or you could give me credit for coming clean. I wasn't the only one writing like that