Man shot dead in Uphams Corner

UPDATE: Boston Police report the victim died.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m. on Dudley Street near Humphreys Street. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of the victim's injuries.

An officer driving to the hospital in relation to the shooting was in a crash on Melnea Cass Boulevard and required an ambulance to take her to the hospital.




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Unfortunately, you do get

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Unfortunately, you do get used to this shit. The day I heard gunshots nearby me, and I aint even flinch, was an interesting day. I just casually looked at my Dad and said, "think someone shootin out there." Luckily it's been a few months since I heard some shootin that wasn't me at the range.


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Aren't you the one who was screaming eff the police in the other post?


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This idiot goes off on the same tangent every now and then. He/she is part of the problem in their neighborhood and routinely comes on here to bitch about it.

yeah but overall its still

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yeah but overall its still not bad. i just checked the shootings and boston has a 1/3rd less than last year and last year was one of the lowest ever.

theres been a handful more murders but the city is on pace for another 40 homicide year its pretty damn safe in Boston in 2014

murders are gonna happen we should be glad theres not 3+ a week like most cities

well this makes 22 so far

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well this makes 22 so far which would put us on pace for 52.8

Boston is "pretty safe" as in it's around average for a city its size as far as safety. Not as safe as Seattle or Denver but safer than DC or Baltimore. We've definitely made a lot of progress no reason to give up now

Applish vs Orangish

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Boston is "pretty safe" as in it's around average for a city its size as far as safety. Not as safe as Seattle or Denver but safer than DC or Baltimore.

One has to be careful when making comparisons like this. Unlike the other cities you mentioned, Boston is a distinct municipality from the majority of inner suburb surrounding it. That is, when you said "size" you clearly meant population, but if you look at the land area, you'll see "Boston" is actually a fraction of the size of those cities.

If you take Metro Boston as a whole, which is a more realistic comparison both in terms of land area and population, then this urban area is among the safest in the country.

I don't know the metro

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I don't know the metro statistics but I'd imagine the Boston metro is probably a lot larger in population than Denver, Seattle, Baltimore and probably significantly smaller than DC.

I don't feel the metro statistics are really relevant though. If you live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (within the MSA for Boston) chances are the homicide rate in Boston does NOT AFFECT you and vice versa..

You could make an argument for including the denser small cities like Somerville, Cambridge, Quincy, Chelsea, Revere, Malden into Boston's statistics but it would be arbitrary. Might as well not include West Rox or Hyde Park cause they "feel suburban"

DC is actually a good comparison

DC and Boston share a lot if you are doing a comparison based just on population and geographic size.

DC=633,427 census estimate 2012
Boston=636,479 census estimate 2012

DC size=61.05 sq mi
Boston size=48.28 sq mi

I lived in DC when it was the homicide capital (as a rate per population) and there were 482 murders. That same year in Boston there were 113 which is pretty close to the peak here. There are obviously plenty of other factors that you could use to compare the two cities (education level, income, illegal drug use etc.) but as a general comparison it is pretty good. Sadly I think part of the difference was the lack of organized crime in the drug trade in DC. I am not advocating for organized crime but a lot of the homicides were kids shooting each other over a half a block of turf to sell crack at the height of the epidemic. Here it was pretty clear who was in charge and there weren't really any turf wars at that time, especially at the ground level.

White People

It is incredibly safe to be Caucasian in Boston, or Asian for that matter. African Americans / Latinos make up 41% of the population or just about 250,000 people within the political confines of the city. There were 44 murders in the city in 2013, including the 3 marathon victims plus 1 which for some bizarre reason isn't counted because the Staties have jurisdiction.

This is not scientific, but based upon this site's own murder map, and excluding the bombings, the vast majority of the murders were in non-white, non-Asian majority parts of the city. This does not mean that all murder victims were non-white or non-Asian, but guess what, the vast majority were either Black or Hispanic, based upon news reports here and as reported by other media.

Shootings follow the same pattern. There are not a lot of people getting shot in Neponset, Beacon Hill, Oak Square, or Moss Hill. A rural / suburban gun club on a Saturday level ammunition is being shot out near Camden Street, the Mission Hill Projects, Grove Hall, and what seems to be boiling up lately, Florida Street, a street even I was apprehensive to walk down in the 80's. South Boston has been making a run lately as a nasty place, but most of the crime has been oriented towards the housing projects which my tax dollars are helping rebuild. You know, the ones with the water views.

Is this racist? No, absolutely not. Other than domestic cases, which may happen anywhere, and an occasional Allston dude on dude beat down gone really bad, you are fairly safe in this city if you are of a certain hue.

Good on the BPD for managing as best they can the needless amount of violence which happens in the city. I don't care if the city is safer than Detroit, Newark, or not as safe as whatever city in Norway / Switzerland / San Marino is held up as a model by certain people on this site. One shooting, one murder is one too many.


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the vast majority of the murders were in non-white, non-Asian majority parts of the city

A rural / suburban gun club on a Saturday level ammunition is being shot out near Camden Street, the Mission Hill Projects, Grove Hall, and what seems to be boiling up lately, Florida Street

So this is happening in three of the few diverse sections of the city... and Grove Hall?

If you want to take a stab at "absolutely not" racism at least get the facts right...


"A Detroit / Baltimore on a Saturday level ammunition is being shot out on the streets of Mattapan. Tragically 6 homicides have been committed there so far in 2014. For 5 months and a population of <40K that puts them on pace for a rate of 39/100k right in between 2013 Detroit at 43 and 2013 Baltimore at 37"

It does seem that some sections of the city receive more attention than others...

It seems that...

Some sections of the city have people who have a propensity to put holes in other humans on a much greater basis than people in other neighborhoods.

Its not racism to point this out when towns like Milton and Randolph have a high black (American or Caribbean) population, and in the case of Randolph a higher non-Asian minority percentage than Boston and low crime rates.

It is not poverty either. If that was the case North Adams, Chelsea, Adams, and Lawrence should be free fire zones if poverty is causing guns to come out.


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Not quite - if you're looking for diversity in Rox and Dot look at communities like Fort Hill and Savin Hill - middle-class, law abiding, gainfully employed folks of all colors living in the same area and getting along just fine. Grove Hall is not diverse, it's a crime-ridden cesspool that's almost entirely black. Anyone else, for the most part, is just driving through there on their way home from work, with their windows rolled up and their doors locked.

Regarding Dorchester's Savin Hill section, however;

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There was a time when Savin Hill was not a racially/ethnically diverse place. For the longest time, non-whites could only walk or drive through that particular neighborhood only at risk to their limb and/or lives. Remember William Atkinson, a young African-American maintenance worker who was chased by a bunch of local white toughs from the Savin Hill neighborhood, panicked and jumped into the southbound trackbed of the Savin Hill MBTA station, was hit by an oncoming MBTA train, and ultimately met his demise? That, imho, says something about the history of that particular neighborhood.

Oh, good God

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Yes, let us stipulate that a lot of bad things happened. Let us also stipulate it's not 1982 anymore.

Incredibly safe? Um, no.

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It's good that the murder rate is down, but residents of this city - Caucasians, included - are still victims of scary street crime like robberies, and in numbers too high, and totally unacceptable. Incredibly safe, in Dorchester? Are you kidding me?

I was wrong about shots on Florida Street, watch out

First this:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Florida Street has been a leading indicator of what is to come in St. Mark's over the past 50 odd years or so.

Those apartment buildings between Bruce and Shepton have always been a hive of weirdness. It's the reason why they changed the name of Templeton Street in the 70's. Things were ugly, let's rebrand.

I obviously hope nothing bad happens, but good luck, but don't be surprised of changes in the neighborhood temperament soon.

More than 50 years

When I was looking to buy a place I said something to my dad about "those sh**y apartments on the lower end of Florida. He said that his aunt lived there when he was a kid (he's pushing 80 now) and they were sh**y back then.

I think the big difference now for the area is how many of the triple deckers are condos now rather than renters, an increase in owner occupancy is a good thing as people have more of a stake in the condition of the neighborhood (such as complaining about the mouth breathing arm-punchers who rent and think carousing on the front porch until daybreak is ok).

When there is a flare up of violence you see a pretty immediate response from the neighborhood and police. About five years ago there were a few incidents and there was a quick response to increase police patrols in the neighborhood including a lot of bicycle patrols. It seemed like they ID'd and rounded up folks and shut it down before it got any bigger.

It is always possible for things to get worse but I think the general trend of increased value in the neighborhood will help keep that from happening. The past is not always prologue.

I like to think the Florida

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I like to think the Florida Street corridor is getting better - I bought a condo here in 2004, along with a lot of other newcomers. The proximity to Ashmont is a big factor, and I think it will continue to price more renters out.

The "truth" you tell..

... is facts skewed by an utterly twisted perspective. No, the number of murders here is not "Okay" (and would be considered shocking almost everywhere else in the world -- outside the US and a very few over-violent countries).

Tired Of It, Feel Helpless, Sad, Angry About It!

I'm tired of reading and hearing about...Home Invasions, Armed Robberies, Car Jackings, Pistol Whippings, Murders...

What about decent folks, children living with Sounds of Gun Shots, Shot Spotters,Shell Casings and Sirens, scared to sit or sleep near a window.....Homicides detectives asking questions?

Rough Area

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Even the August 2009 Google Street View Car is getting chased/yelled at by some angry dude. He actually comes across the street from the red building on Dudley and goes down Humphreys.

I was going to give the

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I was going to give the Herald grief for calling the location Roxbury instead of Dorchester, but I guess at least some of the blame should go to whoever wrote the bpdnews release. It calls out the nearest building address as "Dudley St., Roxbury"