Gridlock in the South End as shots fired on Mass. Ave.

The sound of gunfire outside the Mass. Ave. Orange Line station around 3 p.m. brought police racing, led to the road being shut for the investigation between St. Botolph and Columbus and a halt to Orange Line service as police searched the station for possible shooters.

Police are looking for two men seeing fleeing on bicycles towards St. Botolph. Both were black. One was in a gray hoodie and pedaling on a yellow, 18-speed bike with a plastic rain guard over the rear tire. The other was on a less distinctive bike but was dressed all in red.



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Sorry about that! Was 3 p.m.


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An 18-wheel bicycle would not be a bicycle at all; rather, it's an octodeccycle.


I think that "a plastic rain

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I think that "a plastic rain guard over the rear tire" is commonly known as a fender.


Yet my South End friends

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Yet my South End friends still still tease me about moving from that neighborhood to the "scary" one I live in now (Lower Allston).


Agree completely. We moved to

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Agree completely. We moved to Lower Dorchester and all our friends constantly tease us about our choice (this is while they're swilling beer at dBar, SBK or the Ashmont Grill) and yet there have been more shootings within 8-10 blocks of my old address (West Brookline & Tremont) in the past 2 months than there have been in 8-10 blocks of our new home in the past 3 years.

People really need to get over the idea that the South End is "safe" city living while all other areas are dangerous; talk about living in a bubble.


I passed mass ave station

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I passed mass ave station with my girl at 2:50pm just missed that there is a problem right now in Boston it should be taken serious gunfire broad daylight afternoon murder's SMH my girls brother was killed April 14th and the killah is still out there