Police: Alleged dolts go outside, rob pizza guy, go back inside, are promptly arrested

Boston Police report arresting two men for a robbery at gunpoint right outside the apartment from which they'd called for a pizza early Thursday.

Police report officers on patrol around 2:20 a.m. had their attention drawn to a car sitting in the middle of the road outside 77 Thetford St. A man standing outside the car said he'd just delivered a pizza to that address and was met by two men, one in a mask, who took all money, then went back inside.

The officers made contact with a resident who allowed officers into the apartment. Once inside, officers found two males fitting the descriptions of the suspects and a black mask in plain view. Officers froze the apartment and obtained a search warrant. As a result of the warrant, officers discovered and recovered a loaded black Ruger P345 handgun in the residence. The gun and mask were seized as evidence.



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I shouldn't LOL

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but come on now. Stupidity is alive and well. Glad the driver wasn't hurt and that tweedle dee and tweedle dumbass are off the street (momentarily, anyway).

They sure WERE dolts,

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if they went back inside after robbing the pizza delivery guy! They belong on "America's Dumbest Criminals".

Ah, an armed robbery

This is on my list of crimes for which a person should receive the death penalty. Nobody else ever has to fear this scumbag pulling a gun on them again, and we remove this waste of life's uneducated, unemployable DNA from the gene pool. Everybody wins!

3 strikes death penalty?

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I actually oppose the death penalty: too much power given to the state for my liking. But...
I could support something like a death penalty for 3 strikes for serious violent offenses. Perhaps with serious rehab services after second offense.

I'd be comfortable that the scumbag is beyond hope after 3 violent offenses and is a permanent threat to society. They had their chances, smoke 'em.

(the bar would have to be very high for this, no death for stealing a slice of pizza on 3rd strike.)

I heard a police chase last

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I heard a police chase last night and gun recovered a hundred person fight downtown over police chase radio talks off shootings none reported nothing has changed just not reporting them