Gunpoint phone robbery on Beacon Hill

Around 6:45 p.m. One suspect was quickly cornered - and a gun recovered - in the rear of a Mt. Vernon Street home near Willow; the second ran down Mt. Vernon towards Charles Street. He was described as black, 5'9" or 5'10" and stocky.



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Clutch the pearls ... one expects such things in (fill in the blank) doesn't one ... but on the hill? On Mt. Vernon St.?

Remarkable the quick response. Doesn't hurt having the United States Secretary of State as a neighbor,either ;)

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Always a lot of police in

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Always a lot of police in that area because of the State House and the D-1 base being a block away.

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anon (not verified) on Wed,

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anon (not verified) on Wed, 06/04/2014 - 8:42pm don't be such a troll. Don't you have a WF somewhere to protest? Sick and tired of unwarranted neighborhood bashing. A woman gets held up at gun point and because it's Beacon Hill you have to make a snarky 'clutches pearls' remark? Pathetic.

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Oh please

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Lighten up, it was a joke.

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yeah as long as the joke

wasn't about the Obama Administration, affirmative action, Hillary Clinton (Bill fair game), Jamaica Plain or bicycles. THOSE are sacrosanct.

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Re: Oh please

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Your stupid "joke" was not funny. It's not funny to the person who was robbed by someone with a gun. Nobody, rich or poor, deserves to be assaulted like that.

Go away.

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Ditching the gun to get away

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Ditching the gun to get away with an iphone? Guns can't be that cheap.

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Hi Y'all

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I'm the original 'clutch the pearls' poster.

It was a j.o.k.e. Lighten up.

1) Although I don't shop at WF, and do think their street name 'Whole Paycheck' is pretty accurate, I could care less they exist, am happy for the folks who make $ working there, etc. I wouldn't dream of protesting a WF opening...or a Walmart for that matter.

2) Heaven forbid...I am not a fan of our current adminstration at the federal (or
state) level. Wasn't a fan of the pre-Obama adminstration,either.

3) I am not a hippie, neo-hippie, yuppie, neo-con, hipster, portlandian, etc.

4) I lived on Beacon Hill. I'm imtimately familiar with it. I also grew up a poor (borderline working class) white boy in majority minority urban neighborhoods. I've experienced violence, random street violence, MANY times, and have close family who were shot during a random street crime. I myself was jumped (beaten up, robbed) MULTIPLE times growing up. Needless to say, the powerful people and individuals who control our country and society, and the majority of voters who live in relatively sedate places, didn't and still wouldn't have given a rat's ass about me and people who live in similar circumstances in the way I grew up. I was simply a statistic, who probably had it coming because of where I lived and came from. Most people thought of places where I grew up as being the dark side of the moon, even if they only lived 10 miles away. Out of sight, out of mind. So yes, I certainly do very much feel for the victim on Beacon Hill, and hope the perps are dealt with as harshly as possible, which won't be that harsh.

It was a j.o.k.e. Little semi dark humor. Lighten up.

Oh, and I'm sure there will be no more hate fests when anything 'townie' and especially 'southie' comes up, right? No, I am not from 'southie', but would be considered a 'townie' in the manner people not from Boston would use that word.

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