Two stabbed at Shawmut T stop

Transit Police report two people were stabbed around 12:45 p.m. on the Ashmont platform at Shawmut, in an incident that might have started as a dispute on an Orange Line train.

Police report neither victim stuck around for police or EMTs. One was found on Leslie Street, several blocks east of Dorchester Avenue; the other on Dorchester Avenue near Welles Avenue, also several blocks from the station.

Both victims are expected to survive, police say.



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Does this have anything to do with the helicopter circling Roslindale for the last half hour?


shawmut station safety

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A BPD officer told me that two young kids were stabbed because of a bully beatdown at the station. Shawmut station in the afternoon is the scene of a lot of fights and there are no T-workers at the station in the afternoon.


No T Workers at Shawmut?

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Quick, on their way past the coffee klatch under the clock at South Station, can anyone get a count of how many cops are standing there keeping the marble floors from floating away into space?



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On the outbound side. The one you'd get on to go to Ashmont.


Adam why is Ashmont even in

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Adam why is Ashmont even in this story? It is the outbound platform.

Next time something happens at Ashmont be sure to note whether it happened on the "Harvard" platform or on the "Milton" trolley.

Thanks UHUB

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For telling the truth about T-Troubles.It is a shame that the rest of the media can't get their facts straight. Fox 25 is reporting the stabbings occurred somewhere in the neighborhood. The Globe to its credit is reporting the stabbings occurred on the platform as three thugs attacked a grandmother and her grandson. The Herald has no coverage at all. I'm probably jumping to conclusions but if the grandmother and her grandson were white and stabbed by thugs on a crowded train the media would be all over this story. Also if the stabbers were white and the grandmother and grandson were black politicians would be staging press conferences and demanding police coverage on the subway.



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The MBTA Police and MBTA Officials could care less about Shawmut Station. These types of crimes have been occurring at the Shawmut stop for years. It's in a minority area and pretty isolated location. An MBTA cop with a K9, cameras throughout, interior and exterior are needed 24/7. We will never see it.