Wonderland double-stabbing suspect tries to escape on the Blue Line; doesn't get far

Police say a man stabbed two people at the Wonderland Blue Line station around 9:30 p.m., then hopped on a Blue Line train. He only got as far as the next stop - Revere Beach - because police had the train stopped there until they could arrive to arrest him.

Transit Police report he stabbed a man and a woman. Both were taken to Mass. General - the man with life-threatening injuries and the woman with less serious wounds.

Preliminary investigation suggests a 49 year old male and his 33 year old female companion had no prior familiarity with a 28 year old male prior to the incident. What precipitated the altercation remains under investigation. However at some point a verbal exchange occurred amongst the trio as they were inside Wonderland Station.



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Four or five stabbings this week, its time for the Guardian Angels to save the subways

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In all fairness, it was 2

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In all fairness, it was 2 double-stabbings this week. That means only 2 stabbers, which, might be pretty good compared to some cities.....maybe

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When I Took The Ⓣ To Go Out Dancing Tonight ...

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... the blood had been cleaned up at Wonderland, but a strong smell of Clorox lingered in the air.

At State, I went outside and walked down Washington Street to change to the Orange Line. Not much nightlife in that neighborhood, unless you count the numerous people sleeping on the street and in the doorways of all the closed businesses.

When I went back inside to the Forest Hills platform, an attendant was hard at work mopping up several pools of vomit, and one or two people were passed out on the benches there.

Two hours later however, when I was on my way home, there were none of those problems on either the Orange Line or Blue Line. The vomiting and stabbings occurred before midnight; at 2:30 a.m. people are in better spirits and much better behaved!

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