Cleveland Circle bar shut as police search for evidence related to May beating

WBZ reports police have wrapped Roggie's on Chestnut Hill Avenue with police tape as they look for unspecified evidence related to an apparent beating victim found outside the bar around 2:45 a.m. on May 23.



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      I wonder why it took so long

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      I wonder why it took so long for anyone to report on this, the police tape was there at least as early as Saturday morning. I couldn't find a single mention of it anywhere until this afternoon.


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      Agreed - and it must be something reasonably concerning, because not only was the bar locked up, but the sidewalk in front was taped off, and there was a least 1 and sometimes 2 BPD officers standing sentry the whole time.

      Also, did the beating occur behind the building? The WBZ story shows a photo taken from

      May 23??

      Beware, criminals. When CSI: Brighton springs into action, they're like a finely-tuned watch. They're sure to find any evidence which hasn't been cleaned up or has just been left lying around for the last two weeks.

      This place has gone downhill

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      This place has gone downhill in a big way since new management took over... they added oysters to the menu but never removed the plastic trays for paper napkins. The pizza also used to be great and now it absolutely sucks.