Two men shot on Bailey Street in Dorchester; homicide unit called in

David Finnerty and Stanley Staco report somebody was shot around 11:10 p.m. on Saturday at 25 Bailey St. The homicide unit was summoned due to the severity of the person's injuries.

UPDATE: The Globe reports two men were shot, but one didn't wait around for EMTs and instead got himself to the hospital.



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    Man shot at 12:15pm on Akron

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    Man shot at 12:15pm on Akron St in Roxbury rushed to hospital with life threatening injury.

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    Ashmont area is unique

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    On one hand you have a beautiful train station,nice restaurants, a great neighborhood on Ashmont Hill on the other hand on the side streets you have street thugs and gangs terrorizing the neighborhood

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    Agreed. Driving down Bailey

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    Agreed. Driving down Bailey Street you can see that a lot of us are fixing up our homes and generally making the Ashmont Slope area better in all ways. Can't the city do something to make sure that the negligent absentee landlords evict the scum that keeps perpetuating this kind of violence? The rest of us want to get on with our peaceful and productive lives.

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