Police: Teen was hanging around South End graduation ceremony with two loaded guns

Boston Police report arresting Adonis Alvarez, 18, of Roxbury on gun charges outside graduation for the McKinley School on Warren Avenue yesterday evening.

Police say BPD and School Police officers noticed Alvarez "acting suspiciously" around 7:20 p.m.:

As a result of training received enabling officers to identify characteristics consistent with that of an armed gunman, officers noted that the individual was walking in such a way as if to suggest he may have been in possession of a firearm. As a result of their observations, officers approached the individual to better understand and to further investigate their suspicions and observations. Upon seeing the approaching officers, the individual attempted to flee the area on foot. While running behind the suspect, officers observed the suspect either drop or discard an object that turned out to be a firearm. Upon catching up to and grabbing a hold of the suspect, officers were able to take possession of a second firearm found inside the suspect’s waistband.

UPDATE: A judge set bail at $15,000 today at Alvarez's arraignment on two counts each of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and carrying a loaded firearm, and a single count each of resisting arrest and receiving stolen property, the Suffolk County Distrtict Attorney's office reports. Should he make bail, he'll have to wear a GPS monitor and abide by a curfew pending the outcome of his case.

Innocent, etc.



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What are the chances this

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What are the chances this punk kid will get as much coverage and as high of bail as the clown at BU?


Dumb ass

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Well hopefully this dumbass gets couple years such a phyco shouldn't be allowed to walk our streets

Don't judge what you never experienced

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Don't call him a punk kid nor a psycho. He is actually a good dude with just some bad influences. I grew up with him. We have been GREAT friends since we were young. It isn't right that just because he made this mistake for you to consider him a crazed psycho. I'm pretty sure we grew on in a different neighborhood than you and have also dealt with certain issues that you may have never experienced. Me, being a 19 year old who is from the same area, know how hard it is. I'm a member of the United States Army and even I have been harassed or approached by other young men from neighboring areas. It shows much ignorance on your part though calling him out of his name. You have no idea how hard it is growing up in Roxbury. Did he screw up? Yes. But he doesn't deserve for people who DON'T know him to make preconceived judgements on him not his mental state of mind.


"Screwing up" is getting

"Screwing up" is getting caught for underage drinking. Carrying illegal firearms to a public event, evading police, attempting to discard the evidence and resisting arrest is far from a simple screwup.


No excuses

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I am from the same neighborhood and never brought two guns to a graduation to attempt to kill someone, ijs. All the excuses about where we are from, how we have grown up needs to be deaded, too many young people are dying. He probably it's a good person but the actions he took say not so! Good people think about other people's families and feelings. Not too say the person he had beef with is any better, it's just not a sane decision.

Odds of this kid serving the

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Odds of this kid serving the mandatory 1 year minimum or being charged with violating Boston's AWB ban? Anyone?

thank you police!

It is great that are police have apparently stopped TWO school shootings this season!

The media should really cover it more. I'd prefer to read the "pet found" listing than the "lost pet" listing.

schools and guns; peanut butter and jelly?

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I think it is a fair to say that firearm violence involving white folks receive more media coverage than those involving non-whites, particularly young people. Yet another potential shooting in what was once considered a safe haven, our schools. If this was the McKinley Academy school in the South End, it is particularly troubling. This school's population is made up of troubled kids that have been identified with behavioral and/or emotional difficulties, and all requiring IEP's.
Kudos to the Boston and School police for preventing what has become an almost weekly occurrence around this country. What the hell is it going to take to pass some of the common sense legislation now before our elected officials?


Please explain how making

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Please explain how making something currently illegal double plus illegal will change anything.

Locking up criminals and crazies would be a good start. But that costs money and is politically untenable for a variety of reasons so states refuse to do it.


One of the guns floating around since 2007

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According to the DA's office:

Officers recovered a loaded Jimenez Arms .22 caliber semiautomatic handgun from under Alvarez’s head as he resisted officers' attempts to place him in handcuffs, prosecutors said.

As Alvarez continued to struggle with police he allegedly made statements that he had another firearm in the waist of his sweatpants, which officers were able to secure, prosecutors said. That firearm, a Ruger .357 caliber revolver, was also found to be loaded.

Officers discovered that the Jimenez Arms handgun had been reported stolen in Hampstead, N.H., in 2007.

Why did this kid get off with

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Why did this kid get off with 15k bail for illegally carrying 2 stolen unlicensed guns at a school graduation while the licensed BU guy got 100k bail for 2 lawfully owned ones?

The kid is also getting an ankle bracelet instead of being held for a mental evaluation if he makes bail. WTF is with that?

How the Hell is a potential mass shooter NOT held for a mental evaluation?



How the Hell is a potential mass shooter NOT held for a mental evaluation?

Where does it say he is a potential mass shooter? Just because he was both carrying and at a highly attended event does NOT mean he was planning anything.

Also, bail is about flight risk. I feel like we have to go over this every friggin' time.


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Living in Roxbury, is not an excuse. We as people and as a community need to stop allowing this to be an excuse. Poor parenting seems to be the reason for a lot of of our youths behavior and lack of respect and mannorisim. Growing up in ROXBURY is not. W,hen you have parents that don't encourage, education, employment and respect for others this is what the out come is. There is no excuse for him or any other person, to be carrying a gun to a graduation, school, grocery store any where. Parents that have these, children that don't go to school, and don't have jobs, but hang around the wrong people, who they think are, their friends, that smoke weed all day, claiming they're representing their Hood, should be held accountable, your hood is, where your parents have housing or section 8, or renting and them carrying guns & drugs, bringing them in the home, can jeopardize you and where your family REST their heads a night. Living in Roxbury, I watch the elements that surround the neighborhood I live in, parents that don't care because, most of their parent didn't care, even with cameras they still sell drugs, and there's still shootings, as people if we don't care about ourselves, our children and our Grand children and our community, why should anyone else. This young man that I have met was failed, but it begins in the home.