A blood mystery outside Roslindale library

Roslindale Square this morning. Photo by Cheezus.

Boston Police are trying to figure out where the blood in front of the BPL branch at Washington and Poplar streets came from this morning.

Although officers searched the area and contacted local hospitals, they did not find a victim to go with the blood, a BPD spokesperson said. Around 9:15 a.m., police took down the crime-scene tape they had put around the library.

Shortly before 9 a.m., Nick Pizzolato reported:

I live in that area. Police just came to my door and every door asking if I was ok and if I heard anything this morning.



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    For shame, Adam.

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    And you tried to tell us the parklet wouldn't attract the wrong element to the Square.

    Other side of the street.

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    Parklet is on the leafy suburban side of the square, where honest, good hearted folks live*. The other side of Washington St is a hive of scum and villainy.

    * Except that time some guys smoking crack on Cohasset St got in a fight and stabbed one another in front of Romanos a few years back.

    Sorry Vaughn K., hate to

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    Sorry Vaughn K., hate to burst your suburban bubble, but both sides of Washington Street are bad, all the way to Dedham. Junkies, thieves and drug dealers even reside in West Roxbury. Not saying all of Rozzie and W. Rox are crime ridden, but it is there. Sad but true.

    Living ain't easy in "the Dale"

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    Both sides of Washington Street? You know, if you don't put limiters on that, this would mean that the entire planet in that longitude is basically a war zone. Thankfully, once you hit the Dedham line, all is well, thankfully.

    Cops were taking blood

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    Cops were taking blood samples outside the Subway, adjacent to the library. A bystander told me that police think somebody was stabbed overnight.

    Jeff F was right!

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    I recall him decrying the negative presence of that Subway and now here we are.