Fight in Roslindale ends with a stabbing

Alert New England reports one of the combatants in a fight outside Archdale Liquors on Washington Street at Archdale Street around 7:40 p.m. didn't realize his opponent had a knife. EMS took him away with a stab wound to the leg.



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You cant fathom it for lots of reasons..but this town needs Bromley, Archdale, FField, ATaylor and so on...not just because of the legitimate"need" but because these places provide balance in an otherwise completely homogenized "town."

Alas, the Ivory tower has obscured the vision of many a man....lest of all, the powerful and ever clever 'Anon' post.

By the way...hanging about Arch Liq this time of year, at that time of day is asking for trouble whether you suspect someone of having a weapon or not.

Bulldoze those sans common sense.

I say move the bricks to

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I say move the bricks to Wellesley, Lincoln, Sudbury, and Weston. It would give the people living in housing projects a chance to go to good public schools.

Ignorance is a horrible thing

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You've clearly never seen the Wellesley housing project - although it's not hard to miss given how they jammed it right next to Rte. 128 - or heard of Metco.


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Wellesley housing project? You mean, a place that houses a few elderly and disabled families, in other words exactly what a housing project should be in the first place? When was the last it had a shooting? Or open air drug dealing? Or loud parties till 3am? Heck, when was the last time cops showed up for ANY reason? As for METCO, a few hand-picked students who would have otherwise ended up at BOston Latin in no way represent the majority of Boston's public school population.


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You mean, nicer, safer parts of town need to be balanced out by crime-infested shitholes to keep the yuppies on their toes? I agree we need housing for elderly an disabled in Boston, with easy access to the services they require, but there's absolutely no need to house nonworking young able-bodied individuals in Boston at $2000+ a unit when they can be housed elsewhere in MA for less than half of that. Housing is a privilege, not a right.

Also, why aren't we calling for balance in the ritzy lily-white suburbs? They're way too homogeneous and could definitely use some grit to balance things out. I mean, anyone complaining about public housing in Boston is immediately labeled a Bush-worshipping racist gun nut teabagger, but why are we not hearing calls for public housing in ultra-liberal Brookline, Wellesley and Weston? That's where all the racist labels come flying from, along with $750/sqft Cambridge and $1500/sqft Back Bay/Beacon Hill.


They do

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As i have pointed above, ritzy burbs have subsidized housing for their residents who qualify (i.e. elderly and/or disabled, and for the most part white.) They're safe, quiet and crime-free, unlike crime-infested shitholes in Boston, that are for the most part populated by gangbangers, single mothers in their teens and early 20s and grandmothers in their mid-30s.

You know how public housing works, right?

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Please read this section carefully. There is no application just for residents of Wellesley, Brookline, Lexington, or any other municipality in Massachusetts. One can apply anywhere. The key determinant is income and family size (along with disability, but we're concentrating on family housing), so it being Wellesley or Brookline has little to do with things. The fact that Boston has the most units available means a larger sample size of people in public housing.

Cities have issues. That is historic. Boston was much shittier back in the early 1850s than it is now, though perhaps a tiny bit safer. A lot of the "crime-infested shitholes" in Boston to which you refer replaced "crime-infested shitholes" that were in fact worse sanitation-wise back in the 1930s and 1940s.

To the point of this article. I walk by Archdale Street daily. It's not that bad. 2 guys can get into a fight ending with one stabbing another anywhere. Frat boys at Faneuil Hall at closing. Lilly White Quincy. Canton. Anywhere. I think being drunk or whatever is a much greater indicator of the chance of that kind of violence rather than the proximity of a BHA property.

Wait till you see what..

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BOSTON looks like in 10 years....
lots of new projects going on, new construction etc..

Im sure it will be affordable....(rolls eyes)