Teen stabbed in the head, person shot in the stomach in Dorchester incident

Around 9:45 p.m., police found a man with gunshot wounds to the stomach and leg on Harvard Street near Washington Street. Minutes later, they found a 16-year-old stabbed in the head a couple blocks away on Gaylord Street.

Police are looking for a white Corolla seen driving away from the area.



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Could have been prevented

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The neighbors called the cops 20 minutes BEFORE this happened because this group of teens was fighting in the street (including several boys who were being peace makers- separating the girls, taking care of them, trying to get their friends home). The police refused to show up. They were called AGAIN when the boy was stabbed and bleeding in the street. They finally show up after shots were fired. Then all of a sudden there are 8 cars here (and several still outside). Apparently they have plenty of time and resources AFTER the fact and now 2 kids are seriously hurt. This was entirely preventable. All it would have taken was one vehicle to come through beforehand and these little boys would be in the house right now. Unacceptable.



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C-11 has a bad reputation of just not showing up. The summer I moved here this fool got shot at next street over from mine. Police showed up 45 minutes later, and it was only one cruiser. It was weird.


D'oh! Both incidents occurred

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D'oh! Both incidents occurred on District B-3, not C-11.

Can you provide more examples of this C-11 "reputation"? Because my experience with them has been tremendous.



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C-11 pretty responsive, especially considering all they have to deal with. Thanks from a grateful Dorchester resident.


Perhaps all cars were working

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Perhaps all cars were working on other calls? Try getting a police scanner app for your phone and listen to the amount of disturbance calls they get in C-11.


Blame the cops? where's the

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Blame the cops? where's the parents? 16 and hanging in 4 corners at 10pm I notice the hood always blames everyone else but themselves I used to be that way glad I woke up and seen the real problem.


where is the parent

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They always quick to blame the parent they don't realize these kids today think way different they have their own mind and parents talk to them till their faces turn off blue and they still do what they want a lot of us out here are single parents and have to work and they can't put the kids in their pockets it takes a village to raise one kid SO you can't always blame the parent⁉⁉⁉

So basically you saying to me

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So basically you saying to me,
that you have lost control of you child and you want the village or the system to raise the child.
Slapping some of the so call fathers, btw your not a father just because you provide sperm, you become a father is when you spend substantive, fruitful, quality time; and that's only if you know how to be a father. Let their be no excuses including baby momma drama keep you from being a good to great father.

Blame the cops ,

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Wow, someone actually went this route ..blame the police, WRONG, for one thing if there is a crowd of potentially dangerous kid, oh love the comment "BOYS" LOL! The last thing many of these "single parent" I'm just repeating what previous person said which I also beleive. You need a lot of police to show up in any instance of violent or potential violence. Strong response to PROTECT THE POLICE. Because these kids are going to kill/stab/shoot each other.

I know taking responsibility for a failed poor community is very difficult. But these area are just going to continue to suffer. You see working people who responsibly have babies would never tolerate this.