Man shot on Morton Street

He was found around 2 p.m. at Morton and Theodore with a fresh perforation to his leg, although he might have been shot a block or so away, near Sutton. A Camry was also shot up.

Police are looking for a black male in red shorts and a black hat, seen running up Wildwood.



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    Morton St shooting

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    I was working at the corner of Sutter and Morton today. We wrapped up moments before the shooting occurred, however I had to return around 3pm to mark the street for Dig Safe. At first I saw the commotion, police, fire etc., across Morton St. I saw a shoulder to shoulder line of 4 or 5 uniforms coming toward me. I asked what happened and the female officer told me there had been a shooting. I looked down and saw the trail of blood right where we were working. I had just relieved the detail officer just moments before the shooting. I have been working as a contractor for many years in this area, there was a time when this nonsense only happened after dark. Most of the people I encounter during the day are such outgoing, friendly people. There are small, innocent children, and good, hard working citizens that
    always go out of their way to be courteous. Unfortunately there is a small handful of thug vermin, that don't even have the respect to commit their murders during the night when the good citizens are safe in their homes.

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    for your observation and putting this neighborhood in a positive/correct light. Your initiative means a lot, not enough is said for the positive in our/these underserved/blighted neighborhoods.

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