Man shot in the stomach on Ruggles Street

Around 6:40 p.m. between Washington and Shamut.

Police are looking for two suspects, both black, both in their early 20s, who fled on mountain bikes: The shooter is about 5'8" and has a goatee. He wore a black shirt with writing on it and black pants.



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What is up with this area of

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What is up with this area of the city? In the past few months, there have been more shootings in a 10-block radius of this one than in any other part of the city. So much for the South End being safe!

Hope BPD can get on top of this; daytime & evening shootings are seriously scary stuff!

" In the past few months"

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Where have you been, it been happening every summer for the past few decades!


South End isn't safe!

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We moved from the South End to Dot a few years ago. At the time, all of our South End friends thought we were crazy moving to Dorchester. Now? 3 of them have followed us and we all feel safer here than we ever did in the South End.

In Dorchester, there are pockets where there's a lot of crime (it's these areas that give all of Dorchester a bad reputation) but in the South End/Roxbury-just-over-the-border area, there's crime of all kinds everywhere. Including mid-day shootings.

I'm not sure why crime in the South End gets underplayed on the news, etc. but I feel badly for people who move there thinking it's this super safe area of the city. Because it's definitely NOT crime free.

I hope the victims of both shootings in the past 2 days recover but man, I sure am glad I don't live there anymore!



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Just, wow. You need a history lesson, my friend.

What in the hell makes some people think neighborhoods with well off yuppies and 'poor' (public/subsidized) housing as rhe majority demographics is a good idea?

I see a lot of shootings and

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I see a lot of shootings and stabbings that have not been reported on here that were on Boston EMS twitter page