Man shot in Roxbury

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot around 10:30 p.m. on Wakullah Street.



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universal starting to play politics.

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I check on universal hub daily as I do other similar site. I also donate to this site, however I starting to feel like universal is not reporting all the known facts or updating on stories of gun charges or victims of violent crime unless they are Caucasian. Each life is just as important and the public has the right to know as much as possible, if for nothing else to show respect. If you disagree evaluate the site stories for yourself. This should never be a black and white situation as we all have dealings throughout the greater Boston communities. The New stations does enough of this already. Be a trend setter and show courage. Your audience is African American too and we care to know details and updates. Thank you.

I could do better ...

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But no, I'm not paying more attention to crime in white neighborhoods (with one small exception, which I'll get to in a moment) than minority ones. I've spent a lot more time in Dorchester District Court than Brighton District Court.

The issue, and not to try to be self pitying or anything, is that even in a relatively low-crime city such as Boston, there's only so much that a one-person news operation (which essentially is what UHub is) can do.

If I don't provide details on a particular shooting, it's because a) I didn't get many details to begin with, b) nothing on it popped up on the social-media channels I frequent, c) it wasn't fatal and d) other things started happening that I also needed to cover.

This particular shooting I only heard about it because another person who listens to the scanner even more than I do tweeted about it (I would challenge you to find a single mention of it on any MSM site) - which leads to a rare e) reason for not giving that shooting more than one sentence: I got too much sun at the US/Belgium soccer match viewing and really wasn't doing all that well by that time and went to sleep not long after.

Perhaps one day I'll finally be doing well enough financially I can hire another reporter or two - there are certainly lots of issues that UHub could be devoting more resources to beyond violent crime (sometimes I worry if I devote too much space to the crime I do cover and not to the good things that are happening in Boston's neighborhoods).

The exception I mentioned above: When something happens in Roslindale. I live here, and, I admit it, I will sometimes make a bit more effort to get details on a crime because hey, this is my neighborhood (the Arboretum rape, which granted, was in the JP end of the Arboretum, is an example: I know that spot, and a few weeks ago, my daughter and some classmates spent time in the same basic area as the attack making a video for school).

But there really isn't that much violent crime in Roslindale (which also really isn't a "white" neighborhood in the sense that, say, West Roxbury is), so I don't think I've ever not written about something in Roxbury because I was writing about something in Roslindale.

let me elaborate......

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Your efforts are commendable and I'm sure your fan base as well as I appreciate all you do. However, my point was simply that many stories that involve African American and violent crimes often get one line and no updates, many other sites besides bpdnews including but not limited to the local news stations don't even bother to report at all unless the victim is Caucasian and the assailant is African-American. I believe bpdnews gains popularity by naming names and outing the thuggish bad guys. I understand that you relay on other sources to do most of your reporting, I guess as a social media news outlet I just hold you to a higher standard and mainly because I, one donate and two because you have shown enough compassion to run the story in the first place. Please don't take this as a personal attack or that I may have any undermining prepositions. Adam you are greatly appreciated, I just wanted to voice my concern and hope that you would understand my position and if you could, if you found the time to elaborate and update that would be great. If even you called the local stations and ask why African-American victims are not news worthy. I know I have.


I agree and disagree

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I have never detected racial motives or results involved in the reporting of Universal Hub. A lot of us are very sensitive to under-reporting of violent crimes when the victims are people of color or the crime occurs in certain neighborhoods. Universal Hub on the other hand is just the opposite and often reports details we don't see anywhere else. UH does a better job reporting this kind of thing than any other news outlet in Boston. However details are not always available.
For example, a few weeks ago Adam reported a shooting that occurred around the corner from me. There were few details. I called C-11 the next day and they weren't releasing any details until a certain search warrant was executed. Even a week later C-11 wasn't talking. I still don't know all the details. Adam didn't follow up on his initial report but I don't attribute any motives to that lack of follow up. I tried to follow up and hit a stone wall with the police, which is not always the case. They often share a lot of information. I assume there are reasons why this case is different.
Often the posters like you and me will provide follow up information. I once provided the details to another crime that occurred near me, which information I received from C-11 community affairs when I called them.
Could Adam do better? Sure, but he is a one man operation. We can all help him, as I do occasionally with even more details.
If it matters, I'm white but my partner is not.

Its becoming old news Irish

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Its becoming old news Irish people stopped killing each other along time ago or are sitting in prison doing life at 60 years old and above or worked harder to be better and move on from street life even though it still does exist in a smaller number now a days alot turned street skills into work skills currently working on it myself I do believe every shooting and stabbing should be on news but I can see why they are not I am a stabbing victim and white and it happened on Seaver st and didn't make paper news or websites but I prob deserved it right? I currently live in the black community with my girlfriend who is a woman of color who's brother was murdered in April this year its on websites and there is a reward for information but sad to say I pray they get the guy but from the lack of care and concern in the neighborhood outside the immediate family and close friends of family I wouldn't be shocked if no one came forward.