Body found off Columbus Avenue near Jackson Square

The wooded area between Highland Street and Columbus Avenue is taped off as a crime scene this evening as police investigate how a body wound up there.

Brief video of the scene.



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wrong side of Columbus Ave

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Does it make you some kind of sage observer of the city to try to link this to the housing project? Across the street could be Blue Hill Ave, for all that anyone there is concerned. It's totally a different turf.

across the st??

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More like where Heath spills into Lamartine (BHA buildings--not streets necessarily. )

Blue Hill??


Lots of cameras around the area though..

across Columbus Ave

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It's clearly behind/adjacent to the Urban Edge building... which is not on Lamartine. I'm guessing that a construction worker came upon the body this AM.

I dunno, but

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It would appear that the wooded area between Highland Street and Columbus Ave. is definitely on the "Academy Homes" side of Columbus Ave, which would make it off limits to Heath Street. Unless something has changed since the 1990s, but I doubt that.

When Will it End!

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This is so sad. So much is going on today and now this?!?! my heart cries for this world and all these lost souls. Death is far more too often these past few days.


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I love UH. I really do. But some of you really rile me up sometimes. Do you understand a person is DEAD, as in never coming back, as in their family will never see them again? I don't know who the victim is, why she died, or why she was found where she was but ARGUING ABOUT WHAT SIDE OF COLUMBUS AVE THIS HAPPENED ON IS FRUITLESS!!!! A person is no longer here. I'm sure there is a mother, father, brother, child, SOMEONE who is grieving and missing this person. Yet all you guys seem to do is point fingers and argue about what happens in certain neighborhoods. Get a fucking grip...humanity is dead and gone so who gives a fat rat's pussy where it technically happened? It could happen in your neighborhood too. Take off your rose colored glasses.


Point well taken, but

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minkd143 did start this round by implying that this tragedy is somehow the fault of the goings on of Heath Street.

Yes, this is a person whose life has ended most likely too soon, but if you are a visitor to the UHub, you would know that this crap (geographical debates) goes on all the time.

Does it matter which side of Columbus Ave this happened on? Not to most of us, and most certainly not to the deceased, but when the death is attributed to some aspect of an area, the question of geography does arise. I do not and would not say that the people of the Highlands or Academy Homes bear some responsibility to whatever happened, but it was irresponsible of minkd143 to make the crack about Heath Street to start this whole thing.

Or to put in another way, would you like your neighborhood to be tarred as dangerous for an incident that did not occur there?

I'm totally with you on the

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I'm totally with you on the points you made. I just have to say "who gives a fat rat's pussy" is now a permanent part of my repertoire because it is a f'ing spectacular phrase. Thank you.