Man charged with sexually assaulting woman on an Orange Line train

UPDATE: Arraignment postponed to Aug. 1 to allow for a competency evaluation at Shattuck Hospital.

Alzy Bello is scheduled for arraignment today on charges he assaulted a woman on an inbound Orange Line train between Jackson Square and Roxbury crossing Saturday afternoon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Innocent, etc.



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Good job by the police, what did the male passengers do on the train when this sicko attacked this poor girl

Do we even know if there were

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Do we even know if there were any male passengers on this car when the attack happened? The man could have methodically picked his victim based upon witnesses in the area. You don't hear of too many sex offenders that are bold enough to attack someone with people in the immediate area.

Don't judge what you have no

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Don't judge what you have no knowledge of this person has a proven medical condition!!! So before spitting out poison you need to be well informed............... and then again he is not a delinquent, nor a gangster actually was brought well brought up attended private school and college as well. Lucky you if you are perfectly fine and healthy!!

"attended private school"

Meaning: nothing.

Although, well brought up people can develop alcohol/drug/insanity problems that have little or nothing to do with their upbringing.

But that doesn't make them a non-rapist or a non asshole scumbag.


ditto, but with better grammar

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Were you present to know the facts of what happened, anon (not verified)?

We know that which was reported by the police. Are you saying a sexual assault did not in fact occur? Was the victim lying?

medical condition does take

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medical condition does take over a lot of things and does a big change on people all mental illness affects behaviors in one way or another!!

Would you say that to the victim?

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As Adam always notes, innocent until proven guilty, but if he did what he is accused of, none of what you wrote matters. Would you really say that the accused "has a proven medical condition", so the attack really doesn't matter?

Again, assuming the facts are true, he might need help, but he did sexually assault someone, and that is not cool.


Seen on the T tonight...

... nothing so dramatic as an assault, but....
A bit after 6:00, a guy brought two rather nice (and fancy) looking bikes onto the Orange Line (getting on downtown -- heading towards Forest Hills). Seemed rather strange -- and I wondered if these had been "liberated."

Mental illness

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Perhaps the man is afflicted with a serious mental illness. He's been previously arrested for doing weird crap on the T, so it's likely he has a serious mental illness and/or substance abuse problem.

Of course, our mental healthcare in this city, state, and country is FUBAR, so no one should act particularly shocked when we have the next 'incident'.