Not the sort of thing you want to find embedded in your car

A resident of Sherwood Street in Roslindale reports finding this bullet and a bullet hole in his car today.

However, he says it's possible the bullet came from nowhere near Roslindale:

Bullet was shot into the air, pierced the car on the way down!!! However, note the rust around the bullet hole itself. This could have happened days ago, & the car was on tour of the US. Mystery 4 eva.



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Shouldn't the bullet be

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Shouldn't the bullet be deformed from striking the metal of the car? It looks perfectly intact.

Two things

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Cars are sheet metal. They offer little resistance.

The bullet was said to hit the top of the car, so it is likely a bullet that either ricocheted or was shot in the air and would have hit the car with a lot less energy than if it had been shot straight at the car. Likely enough to pierce the sheet metal and embed, but not to deform.

Color me skeptical, too

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Would a falling bullet even penetrate a car roof? It wouldn't have been traveling at muzzle velocity but terminal velocity. Whether or not it would penetrate, the impact would have deformed the bullet.

Also suspicious: the links to Twitter are now dead. The newest tweet on JahHills' page is a week old.


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Mythbusters tested this. When shot *exactly* vertical, the bullet tumbles upon falling and only hits terminal velocity. However, that's pretty much impossible for a person with a gun to pull off. So, if you're off of vertical by a bit, the bullet can maintain its spin and carry its momentum. It would return to Earth at more than terminal velocity and be capable of a lethal velocity.

Nowhere near

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Nowhere near Archdale. Lives in earshot of Sherwood.