Cops called to ER when rival gang members show up after shooting

Stanley Staco reports not long after gunfire rang out at 150 Freeport St., in Dorchester around 1:25 a.m., a man showed up at the Boston Medical Center emergency room with a fresh gunshot wound. And not long after that, some of his friends arrived as well - as did some of his enemies - followed in quick succession by a large number of police officers to keep the two sides separated.



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This is not new to that

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This is not new to that hospital. Happens quite a bit after shootings in the city. I've seen large crowds form outside the ER after shootings & shortly after the cops come to monitor things.

was anyone arrested

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Or did everyone claim they were waiting outside the er because the libraries are closed?


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Boston Medical Center doesn't have their own police department?

They do have their own police

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They do have their own police and security department.

If I remember correctly BUPD responds to the hospital for a lot of incidents. Their security does not carry firearms, believe batons and OC. So in a confrontation with gangbangers that were possibly involved in the shooting, they are not as well equipped to handle something going wrong.


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This was a crazy scene. Police weren't there to monitor. They had to draw weapons after they were attacked by the group of people that arrived. They were attempting to enter the Er and became violent with bpd Bmc security and bu police

I'm pretty sure

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BUPD carries guns.

I went to BU for 4 years and then worked there for 2, and I definitely recall seeing officers with guns. That may not mean all officers do, though.

BU police do carry firearms.

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BU police do carry firearms. Hospital security doesn't. That's what I meant, just in case I wasn't clear enough.

Also, the police may not always be at the hospitals campus. So first people to respond to things are the hospital security employees.


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On Freeport street? Isn't that part mostly industrial, with a few working blue collar folks here and there?

Its Dorchester anywhere

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Its Dorchester anywhere anytime I guess some people still just don't get Dorchester 90% of violent crime doesn't get reported in Dorchester or Mattapan I find it funny and I mean stabbings robberies gunfire with multiple shots fired hitting homes even some shootings don't get reported I hear gunfire almost every night.


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It's shameful that we have that kind of environment in Boston.

What does it take to fix that? Who is doing the shooting or bringing in the shooters? If we can't jail them, can we exile them?

Exile them? You'd have a long

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Exile them? You'd have a long line of lawyers and politicians fighting tooth and nail to stop that.

You can jail them and we do jail them. The problem is jail is not enough of a deterrent to make them change their lifestyles. About 10 years ago, I was seeing people getting one year sentences for carrying a firearm without a license. I can't say I've seen many 1 year sentence for firearm offenses now, but the current sentence still doesn't stop criminals from illegally possessing a firearm.

Even longer sentences isn't the answer either. You've got guys that are facing armed career criminal charges and they still get caught up with firearms.


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Is currently a Boy Scout camp for thugs in training, where they make new connections, lean new tricks of the trade and pump iron. Change that into a punitive labor type facility where everyone works long hours and has no time to loaf around and socialize, and you'll see a drastic decrease in the number of people who have no fear of jail and see it as a rite of passage instead of a punishment. Combine that with tougher sentences instead of the usual slap on the wrist and most of the usual inner city street crime will disappear overnight.

All that humane rehabilitation crap is nothing but a waste of time and money. Hardened criminals for the most part can only be broken, not rehabilitated, and budding criminals need a healthy fear of prison so they would think twice before re-offending. You'd still have some criminals out there, obviously, but you won't be seeing every 13 year old and their baby brother lining up to join a gang. Say what you want, but fear is the best deterrent.


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I don't know the statistics on who the shooters are, and what they're doing in Boston.

What about known violent criminals who are staying in section 8 housing units of girlfriends? How often does that happen, and is that contributing to the gang activity in some neighborhoods?


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Sentencing is all over the map. My son was shot and killed in broad daylight. The shooter was apprehended 2 weeks after the murder, pled guilty to manslaughter and served 2.5 years in South Bay. WTF

Well then

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Why don't you start reporting all those crimes instead of whining about it online? Cops aren't mind readers, they won't show up unless you call them. Start reporting everything, reach out your elected officials and the commanding officers at your local precinct and request more police presence in your neighborhood and crime will go down. There are plenty of perfectly safe areas in Dorchester, they also happen to be the areas where all crime and suspicious activity is reported to the police, from drugs deals down to seeing a guy riding a bike that's clearly not his size.

I live in dorchester by

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I live in dorchester by ashmont. I have not heard gunshots once in the 6 years I have been here. However could be because with the noise from Gallivan Blvd and the train yard it is just too loud to hear anything else!

Very true

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Parts of Ashmont are very nice, but it quickly turns into thuglandia once you cross Dot Ave.


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this isn't funny I realize but that name is hilarious...can we get our own satirical spin off show?

Which side of Dot Ave?

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I've defended both sides, as both sides have really nice parts, but on the other hand, both sides have sketch parts, too.

Just saying. If you say the west side is bad, remember that almost all of the United States is west of Dorchester Avenue, so keep it to a few blocks.

Oh geezus, this is every

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Oh geezus, this is every medical worker's worst nightmare. I remember as a supervisor (not in the ED) just passing by the ER and sometimes having to intervene between patients, family members, "visitors", and even up on the normally sedate inpatient floors in between meetings and such.

Really glad no one was hurt, and my hat goes off to the unsung heroes and heroines of our hospitals, BUMC security officers, BUPD, and BPD. They really are our finest, and you can count on them to have your back in case of assault or battery, WHEN YOU NEED THEM.